Top 5 of 2014: Hits

Top 5 2014 #sewingtop5

As I only started sewing in March and haven’t really made that many things (11 including a UFO and a non-blogged experiment) this might be a bit of a challenge for me but I love reading other people’s Top 5s and I am very much a list maker so I couldn’t not join in.

Top 5 Hits: What have you worn or loved the most?

1. By Hand London Anna Maxi dress

By hand london anna maxi

I wore the hell out of this dress over the summer. I love it. It’s floaty and swishy and it’s comfortable to wear in warm weather without the need to shave your legs, which is always a bonus in my books. I took care with the finishing of it as I knew I’d wear it lots and I’m glad I did as it’s surviving really well. I french seamed everything and bias bound the back seam and edge of the facing.

I do need to take it in slightly now but I’m not sure how to go about it. The dress sort of stands away from my back so I was thinking about just increasing the size of the back darts and taking a wedge out at each of the seams where the skirt panels meet. If that makes any sense.

2. New Look 6096 Maxi


I basically live in maxi dresses over the summer so this was fated to be another winner for me. It’s comfortable and cool and there there isn’t a zip, which is a definite plus for me. The fabric was only cheap so it’s looking a bit tired already but I don’t really care, I will more than likely carry on wearing it until it falls apart.

3. Christmas dress – Simplicity 1418


Well, how could a dress festooned with muscular, topless elves and santas not make it into my top 5?

It’s not exactly going to be my most worn item being so seasonal but I bloody love it.

4. Polka dot Simplicity 2444


I don’t wear this that often but often enough to count it as a hit I think. It’s a nice one for work in the summer.

5. Love at First Stitch Megan dress

Love at First Stitch Megan dress

This is only part hit – I will explain more in my next post – but it’s definitely one of the things I was most proud of making. I love the sleeves (my first) and the shape of the dress and it has nice memories attached to it as made it to go out for amazing food.

But really as I only bought my sewing machine in March and had no sewing experience before that every single garment I’ve made is a hit just for existing.

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  1. Merry Christmas! I am an avid follower of your blog – I love reading about your latest makes! Especially love your cheeky Christmas dress!! I can’t wait to see what you make next. 🙂

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