Top 5 of 2014: Misses

Top 5 2014 #sewingtop5

Top 5 Misses: What went wrong or never got worn?

1. Love at First Stitch Megan dress

As I said in my top 5 hits post I loved this dress but unfortunately the first time it was washed the blue from the skirt ran onto the bodice and ruined the dress. So I’ve only worn it twice.

I washed it a few more times with colour catchers in a vain hope of fixing it but it just ran more. The top got less patchy and it now looks like this:



I could possibly still wear it but I doubt I will. I’m probably going to use this one as a toile to iron out the fitting kinks I had. I think I need a sway back adjustment on it to sort out the lines I had at the small of my back.

2. Raccoon skirt (No post about this one)

Racoon skirt


Elasticated waists just aren’t me. I have thought about using it for the skirt of another colour blocked Megan dress so it gets some wear.

3. Strapless dress

This is an unblogged experiment that didn’t go too well. I do have some photos but I seem to have lost my memory card. I took it out of my laptop and then apparently ate it as it has completely vanished. It was a really simple self drafted thing using the left over fabric from my floral Anna dress. just a rectangle for the bodice and a vague skirt shape with elastic channels sewn along the top of the bodice and from the waist seam. It was then a bit floofy so I shirred the back of the bodice. It all worked out okay except for the bodice being a bit too short and it just generally being a bit meh. So I’ve never worn it and I don’t think I really will. I will update this post with a photo when I find my memory card.

4. Red By Hand London Anna dress

Red By Hand London Anna dress

The bodice had fit and dodgy sewing issues exacerbating the fit issues – that weird pull line across the bust in the photo is from the side seams not matching, I know because I had the same problem in my second version and had to keep unpicking one side and doing it again. The arm holes weren’t big enough so it wasn’t comfortable. I have since taken the bodice off and thrown it away and I plan to recut the bodice with my leftover fabric. Though to be honest I’m not sure if I’ll even wear it that often when it fits better. The fabric is just a bit stiff and easily creased and I’m not sure it suits the dress that well. We’ll see though.

5. Anemone


I really like this skirt and I feel bad putting it in the misses but I have only worn it twice. I think mainly because I haven’t really got anything that goes with it. And it’s a little too big so it turns round while I’m wearing it. I may try taking it in but I doubt it as the main reason I don’t wear it is because the navy doesn’t go with black. I have bought some lovely purple fabric – that called itself gaberchino – with a view to making another anemone that I might get more wear out of but I may buy the chardon skirt pattern instead as I think the weight of the fabric would be perfect for the pleats.

Overall I’m not too unhappy with my misses really I am still learning and I don’t regret making any of the things I’ve made. I’ve learnt new skills with every make and I am figuring out more about what I’ll wear and what I won’t. Of course that didn’t stop me buying the By Hand London Holly jumpsuit pattern yesterday when I’ve never worn a jumpsuit in my life.

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  1. Aww that’s a shame about the colour running on your Megan dress. And the Anemone skirt looks lovely on you! Shame it turns when you wear it. Ha about the Holly Jumpsuit! I also have that pattern but like you, have never worn a jumpsuit, playsuit or anything like it. The patterns are just so damned difficult to resist sometimes!

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