New Look 6217 T’Shirt

Aka my new favourite t’shirt. There’s not really a lot to say about it so instead I seem to have a bajillion photos with very little difference between them.


Side note: New hair! It’s way shorter than I’d planned but I like it. Well I like it curly anyway, I took these photos yesterday after having it cut and I’ve since washed it myself and with it straight but not straightened apparently I look like I should be in an Enid Blyton novel going on an adventure.

But back to sewing, New Look 6217 is one of those New Look/Simplicity patterns that come with pretty much a whole outfit. There’s the t’shirt, a kimono, a skirt AND trousers. The t’shirt is super simple with just two pattern pieces and no darts. There is supposed to be a small opening at the back neckline and a button but I left it off as the neckline is super wide so it serves very little actual purpose.


I’ve been test driving a new (to me) fitting book (review forthcoming once I finish the Emery dress I’m using it to fit) and based on that I took some length out between the shoulder and the bust point. Unfortunately I forgot to add the length back onto the bottom of the armhole so they’re a little snugger than they should be but it’s still okay. I also did the neckline differently to the instructions. It’s supposed to be finished with an exposed bias binding but I turned mine to the inside. Which makes the already wide neckline slightly wider. So for future versions I may bring the neckline in slightly but I actually quite like a wide neckline so I might not.


It’s also a teeny bit too short so I’ll lengthen it an inch or two for my next version and I’m pretty sure there will be a load more versions. My green Scout tee is one of my most worn self made garments so I have got more t’shirts on the to be sewn list.

I like it untucked and tucked in

The fabric is some viscose I had left over from my Sewaholic Gabriola skirt and I think it’s perfect for this pattern but I am planning a version with some slightly crisper fabric too so we’ll see how that looks. I used French seams throughout and I seemed to be in a very bias bind-y kinda mood. As well as the neckline I bound the sleeve hems and actual hem. I toyed with adding cuffs but decided against it, though I do think they’d look good so I might add them to a future version.


Non-clueless versions

I really like it when bloggers put links to other people’s versions of a pattern they’ve made so I thought I’d start doing it too. Such a copycat.

It was on OhSewPretty‘s blog that I first saw New Look 6217 and it’s her version of the t’shirt and kimono that made me buy it.

How gorgeous is Mags’ Silk and Lace version? Talk about elevating a simple pattern to something special with fancy fabric.

I also love Thimberlina’s versions, especially the border print one. That fabric is sooo pretty and I love the contrast of the binding.

I found Twinkle’s two gorgeous floral and anchor print versions by accident when I was actually looking up Lottie blouses. I really like the look of the button fastening on hers so I might make my next one properly.

Another Fabric Haul Video

And finishing on something completely different. I mentioned at the end of my last post that I was hoping to get in a bit of fabric shopping while I was in London and huzzah, I managed it. So I made another video of me wiggling fabric at you. I also talk about being a wimp and being scared of real life fabric shops. I can’t be the only one. Any of you guys scared of real life fabric shops or is it just me?

Anyway, that’s it from me. I’m going to do some slobbing on the sofa with my Manfriend and maybe watch something trashy. I hope you’ve all had a great weekend.

10 thoughts on “New Look 6217 T’Shirt”

  1. Lovely top, the wide neckline really suits you, and very cute new hair!
    I just cut out a 6217 today, in purple rayon twill. I’m hoping this will become a wardrobe staple as it’s a nice simple shape and looks like it’ll be quick to make up.

  2. Gosh. Your posts make me wish I was patient enough for this kind of thing. My Mum always tried to teach me when I was younger but I just can’t do it! (Doesn’t help that I can’t cut straight for a toffee!).

  3. It’s a very nice t-shirt. Yay another video! I think I’m mostly the opposite; scared of online fabric shops and am now fine with real life fabric shops. My first trip to Goldhawk Road was with another bunch of sewists, including our dressmaking teacher (whose a wedding dress maker) and they all just got stuck in so I quickly followed suit I suppose. The first time, the amount of fabric was very overwhelming though. Hopefully you go again!

    1. I think having other sewing people there would definitely help The Fear. There’s a fabric shop in Swansea that I’d like to visit at some point but I realised just how big my stash is getting the other day and I really need to go on a fabric diet!

  4. Looks fab! Thanks so much for the name dropping! I added a little extra length onto mine for extra tuck-in-ability. Love your bias bound sleeves- think I’m going to do that myself on my next one! xox

    1. Thank you! You’re more than welcome.

      It does need the extra length doesn’t it. I just made a second version and much prefer the length with a couple of inches added. X

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