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*whispers* Is it okay to start talking about Christmas now? The Christmas adverts have started so I’m guessing it’s okay. Side note: Everyone else bawled at the John Lewis advert right? It’s in association with Age UK and it’s the first time one of their adverts has made me cry, because it’s about a very real and incredibly sad issue. I don’t live near a John Lewis and probably wouldn’t shop there if I did because I’m cheap but I did donate to Age UK and I’d like to try to do something more practical but I don’t know what. Anyway, you’re not here for me to whitter on about charity, you’re here for the sewing shenanigans.

As is my usual way I have decided to make far too many things for gifts and should really get cracking on it – November will fly by, I’m sure. So I thought I’d share a few of my Christmas sewing plans. Mainly in the hopes that writing them down and having them public will make me actually do it.

The Manfriend loves crisps and likes to call Christmas crispmas so last year I made him a Crispmas Advent Calendar. I just bought 24 packets of crisps, individually wrapped them, wrote numbers 1-24 on them (24 was a sharing bag – he reeeally loves crisps) and put them in a box that I wrapped and decorated. But this year I fancy jazzing it up a bit, so I’m planning to make a garland style one with little pouches.

I’m going to actually make my mum the festive Scout that I was planning to make her last Christmas but didn’t get round to. I’m going to give it to her pre-Christmas though so she actually gets a chance to wear it. Her office is really hot and if she wears a Christmas jumper to work she cooks so I thought a t’shirt would be much better for her.

I mentioned my dinosaur loving pseudo nephew at the end of my last post and my plan to make him a t’shirt out of my leftover dinosaur fabric. I’ve just bought the Oliver + S Field Trip raglan t’shirt sewing pattern for it and I’ll probably use the dinosaur fabric for the sleeves.

I also want to make him a dinosaur tail. I’d seen them on Etsy before and was already considering making one and then I saw Liza Jane’s adorable version, which sealed it for me. I have to make one. Mine won’t be fancy and include a hoodie though, it’s just going to be the tail.

As well as his advent calendar the Manfriend will be getting some pyjama bottoms and a Paxson sweater, hopefully in marl if I can find some nice fabric – he loves raglan and marl.

Gosh, this is getting long and daunting and I haven’t even finished!

There’s also my nan’s Christmas cake, which I’ve already made and will just need to decorate closer to the time (after it’s had a bit more booze). I’ve been prowling Pinterest for decoration ideas and I think I’m going to go with Santa stuck in a chimney.

I made mango chutney last year that went down really well with my nan and Manfriend’s mum so I’m planning another batch of that this year. I think we’re going to make a little hamper for his family so there will probably be a few chutney type things being made. Last year I made onion marmalade, beer mustard, arancello and pomegranate vodka for hampers and I might repeat some of those.

And last but not least, there are the things I want to make for me. I’m planning a festive Scout for myself too and my work Christmas party outfit. Last year’s hunky simplicity 1418 is pretty much untoppable so I think I’m going to just go for something a bit more elegant this year. Maybe By Hand London Anna dress in some sort of slinky fabric. Or possibly a jumpsuit.

How about you? Have you made any Christmas sewing plans? Have you started? Or do you have any tips for me to make sure I actually achieve this years plans?

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