Top 5 of 2015: Non-sewing Highlights

Top 5 of 2015

I was in two minds whether or not to do the highlights top 5 as I’m bombarding you a bit with the Top 5s but it’s nice to look back and remember the good things so here goes.

1. In February my lovely Manfriend moved in with me and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve never lived with a dudebro before but I like this one very much. He is sweet and thoughtful, does the majority of our laundry and irons my clothes when he irons his own. We have fun and he makes me laugh every day. Doing a conga of two around the kitchen to Jump in the Line by Harry Belafonte stands out as a particular highlight.

2. Again in February we had a long weekend in London to go see Book of Mormon, which was utterly brilliant. It was so good and I would really like to go see it again. Trying Chipotle for the first time while we there was also lovely but going to Dishoom for breakfast before catching our train home was even better. I had the Akuri (spiced scrambled egg) and have been trying to recreate it at home ever since. Manfriend had the sausage and egg naan, which was also delicious. I think we need to find an excuse to go to London again just to go back to Dishoom. My family live just outside Uxbridge, which is the last stop on the Metropolitan line so I think next time I visit my Nan I’m going to drag them into London for breakfast.

3. Another food related highlight has to be discovering The Spicery. I am aware that it’s a really sad thing to choose as a highlight of my year but I really love food.

3. I went to Latitude this year, which does have some negatives surrounding it (spending 6 hours stuck in traffic, taking our journey up to 12 hours long is the main one) but it’s such a bloody lovely place for a festival, so picturesque. We had lovely weather for it and saw some fabulous bands. Personal highlights were sitting on a hill in the woods watching Leon Bridges and Nadine Shah, Public Service Broadcasting’s set and some of the comedy we watched – Katherine Ryan, Aisling Bea and The Last Leg Live in particular.

4. In October my best friend Ross, who now lives in Somerset and I don’t see very often came to visit me and I met his lovely fiancee. It was wonderful to see him and nice to entertain in my very own house.

5. And we have a late entry from Christmas. Christmas has been really nice this year. It was nice having my mum, nan and the dogs here on Christmas day and Boxing Day with Manfriend’s family was really good fun too. I got permission to make a dress out of Alexander Henry hunks fabric to wear to Manfriend’s brother’s wedding next September. There has also been a lot of lounging about and recharging the old batteries. I read The Humans by Matt Haig yesterday (highly recommended) and started Ready Player One by Ernest Cline today, I’m still miles behind on my blog reading though. A task for the weekend perhaps.

So that’s my highlights, I will be back tomorrow with my goals for 2016. Have a fabulous New Year’s Eve.

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