Top 5 of 2015: Hits

Top 5 of 2015

Hello peeps. It’s that time of year again. I love lists so can’t resist a top 5. My output hasn’t been that high this year as I didn’t really sew for the first 3-4 months of the year so I didn’t have that many finished makes to pick hits and misses from. I’ve just about managed though. So without further ado, in no particular order, my top 5 hits. Actually scrub that, I will put them in order.

5. Coco dress

Tilly and the Buttons Coco dress

My most recent make and definitely a goody. It’s just a wearable toile and is by no means perfect but I really like wearing it and will definitely make lots more Coco dresses in 2016.

4. New Look 6217


I love love love this t’shirt. I love the fabric, I love the neckline and I love the kimono sleeves. I think it probably looks nicer tucked in like this but I mostly wear it with jeans or skinny black trousers.

3. Floral ballet dress

Dixie DIY Ballet dress in blue and purple floral jersey

This is possibly joint second really but I’ll leave it in third place as I don’t 100% love the fabric – it has yellowy bits that refuse to photograph that I don’t really like all that much. I still absolutely love this dress though and it has been in solid rotation since I made it, just with the addition of leggings and a cardigan once it got colder.

2. Green Scout


This was actually made in 2014 but so close to the end of it that I’m allowing it for this year as that’s when it’s actually been worn. And I’ve worn it a lot, I’ve dressed it up and down, I’ve worn it to work and I’ve worn it out. I think it’s so versatile. It’s such a basic shape but because the fabric is a little bit slinky but not too slinky it works in loads of different ways.

1. Dinosaur ballet dress


And the winner is my awesome dinosaur print Dixie DIY ballet dress. I love it so much. I wear it pretty much once a week and love it hard. This is pretty much my perfect pattern so a version in a dinosaur print jersey is the best thing ever. I am such an 8 year old every time I wear it.

So to sum up, I basically love knit dresses and floaty woven t’shirts. I am so glad I started sewing knits this year. Even though there have been misses I do feel like this year I have really figured out what I actually want to wear and I’m sewing the right things. Though I like the look of woven fit and flare dresses they’re not what I wear on a day to day basis. A knit fit and flare however is a totally different story. Hooray for overlockers and more room for cheese!

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