Top 5 of 2015: Goals for 2016 and a look back at 2015’s goals

Top 5 of 2015

2015 Goals

I fancied filming a video look back at how well I did with last year’s goals instead of just writing about it so here it is. You can’t really see it but the bedding on the spare bed is Christmassy puppies because I have a super stylish, grown-up home…

If videos aren’t really your thing and you prefer to read, this is basically what I say in it about last year’s goals.

1. Tackle fitting

Ish. I’ve got slightly better at fitting, I bought Fit for Real People last year and Create the Perfect Fit by Joi Mahon. I think they’ve both been helpful in different ways and I am planning to eventually do a review post/video of Create the Perfect Fit. I think reading sewing blogs as a complete beginner can be a bit overwhelming when we all throw around terms like FBA, swayback adjustment and countless other flat pattern adjustments without really explaining what they are. I’ve become guilty of it myself – I quite like the idea of making a “WTF is…” page with explanations of terms but I’m not very good at explaining things so that rules that out a bit.

But anyway, I’m veering off track a tad. Fit for Real People was great for finding out what all those terms mean without having to do a trillion google searches. I’ve learnt about my proportions and the adjustments I should make but of course my new found love of knits has made fitting a lot easier.

2. Draft my bodice sloper

Nope. (In the video I make a fail sound and pull an extremely attractive face here). I haven’t made the time for this and I’ve been a bit reluctant because my measurements aren’t stable at the moment. I’ve been getting bigger throughout most of 2015 but I lost a bit of weight towards the end and I’m still trying to shrink a bit more (once I’m back at work and the cheese is all done anyway) so it feels a bit silly to make a block that I’ll just have to redo in a few weeks.

3. Learn to sew with knits

Boom times! Totally did this one. 8 out of the 14 things that I’ve sewn this year have been made with knit fabrics and I can see that continuing into next year.

4. Make a coat

Another fail. I have the pattern (Deer and Doe Pavot), fabric (royal blue gabardine) and calico for a toile but this hasn’t happened. Hopefully I will get it done before spring. I’d like to add some welt pockets to it as I’ve seen a few other people do but I don’t have any patterns with welt pockets I can use the pattern pieces from so I’d have to try to draft them, gulp!

5. Sew things I wear

Thanks to starting to sew with knits I have definitely managed this one and I wear the things I’ve made this year far more than I did the things I made last year (though my two maxi dresses still get a lot of wear in the warmer months). So I just need to carry this on into 2016, with many more knit dresses and floaty tops.

Sneaky additional goal – knit a miette cardigan

I managed this one, and I also knitted a vianne cardigan and I’m as far as the sleeves on a second miette, which has been on hold since around April. Ooops.

2016 goals

Right, onto my goals for next year.

1. Make trousers

I have a few pairs of of black twill skinny trouser things that I wear to work a lot and I’d like to have a go at making something similar. They’re basically non-denim jeans without the topstitching so I’m going to use the Ginger jeans pattern that I bought last year.

2. Make time for sewing

This is kind of a big one I think. In my life I seem to struggle to maintain different hobbies at once, I’m quite all or nothing and something always gets pushed aside. If I’m sewing, I’m not exercising. If I’m reading, I’m not sewing. I’m not sure what happened last year because almost everything I enjoy has gotten a bit neglected. So in 2016 I’m going to schedule myself time for all of my hobbies.

3. Stop buying fabric

My stash is getting bigger than I have room for so I’m going on a fabric diet this year. I am allowed to buy fabric for special occasion makes but no more than 10 metres over the year. I just plucked that number out of the air as I’m writing this but it seems fair.

4. Hackity hack

I really admire people who hack patterns and end up with something completely different and fabulous to what they started with. I’ve got a few ideas of hacks I want to try and I want to work on my hacking skills this year.

5. Join in more

One of the main reasons I started my blog was because I wanted to join in with the sewing community and I’m still quite wimpy about that. So this year I’m going to comment on blogs more and maybe join in with more challenges, though I don’t tend to do that well with challenges. I hope to do Me Made May this year though.

I’d also like to improve my photography but I think my goals are probably enough to be getting on with for now.

Happy New Year everyone and good luck with all your 2016 sewing goals.

6 thoughts on “Top 5 of 2015: Goals for 2016 and a look back at 2015’s goals”

  1. Great video. I was just wondering about the quality of the video when you said you’d had a DSLR for Christmas. Jealous! Looking forward to seeing more from your 2016 goals. And yes, do join in more! Took me a little while but it’s very fun. 😀

    1. Yep, I am a lucky woman. Of course I’m too scared to take it outside and have next to know idea how to work it (so far I have lots and lots of progressively more pissed off photos of the Manfriend from playing with it)…

  2. Hi leigh,
    I thought ur video was adorable and funny, you shouldnt let your anxiety get in the way and make you feel bad about yourself. I keep starting and stopping my bodice sloper too, but i think it will be invaluable to my sewing and make the process faster so i should just get stuck in. I think i need to get fit for real people i always here people rave about it. U should do a ‘wtf is’ post , peeps would find it helpful no matter their sewing level. Have a smashing 2016

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