Deer and Doe Datura Blouse

I was trying to blog my backlog of makes in order but I’m bumping my Datura blouse up the list because I want your opinions on my next version. But first, let’s talk about this one.


Despite only owning three of their patterns I think Deer and Doe are my favourite pattern company in terms of their style. If I could win a competition where the prize was all the patterns of one company of my choice, Deer and Doe would be it. Top of my current lust list is the Fumeterre skirt (check out Camille and Lynne’s fab versions). Followed closely by the Chardon skirt after Jo’s post last Sunday.


Anyway, my Datura blouse. My very first Advanced pattern! Go me. Though of course I did version B, with the collar and not the cut out version so I don’t know that I can actually claim to be advanced. My version of the pattern has been in my stash for nearly a year so it has the old instructions, which were a bit brief and I did struggle at times. Luckily I found this tutorial series, which was super useful.

Deer and Doe datura blouse

The hardest part was sewing the shoulders and I definitely used that photo tutorial for that. Because the top has a lined yoke you sew the shell to the lining at the armholes and neckline on both front and back yokes. Then you put the front inside the back and do some shoulder seam magic. I would try to explain but I don’t think I’ll do a very good job so you’d best look at the tutorial.

I have seen a Seamwork magazine tutorial where they do a very similar thing but slightly differently and for my next version I think I’ll try it that way as it seems much more simple.

Datura blouse collar and close up

The moustache and bowler hat fabric I’ve used was a gift from a sewing friend at work because I gave her some sewing stuff. She saw it and thought of me in a fabric shop because I enjoy wearing a fake moustache from time to time (Manfriend even bought me a pack of “Emergency Moustaches” as a stocking filler one Christmas). It’s quite a crisp cotton, which isn’t the recommended fabric for this pattern but I wanted to use it anyway. The yoke and collar are made with a cotton poplin I had in my stash.

Datura blouse side view

It is a little bit too crispy and I think the top is slightly too big too, which means if I put a cardigan on it can stand away from my body slightly but I still like it. I’m going to try a size down for my next version and it’s going to be in a drapier fabric.

Datura blouse back


I still haven’t actually sewn any buttons on as I couldn’t choose what ones to use. I was torn between these two and I have two of the polka dot ones safety pinned on at the moment. I’ll probably go with those ones and use the little pearly ones for my next version.

Button choices

The details

Pattern: Deer and Doe Datura blouse

Measurements: Bust: 37″ – Waist: 30.5″ – Hips: 40″

Size made: 42

Alterations: None

Fabric used: A metre of the moustaches and just shy of a meter of the black.

Another version? Yep, another colour blocked version in black and grey viscose but I’m not sure which colour to put where. Which do you like best? I’m leaning towards the one on the right.

Next datura colour options

Any changes next time? I’m going to try the next size down.

Have any of you tried the Datura blouse since Deer and Doe have expanded their instructions? Are they better now?

10 thoughts on “Deer and Doe Datura Blouse”

  1. Oh it looks great Leigh! I really love the little ‘taches and hats! Big fan of the Deer and Doe style as well, I basically want all of the new collection! I’ve only made the Belladone but do have the Fumeterre and Cardamome patterns. And I’ve not made either of those (I did start a wearable toile of the Cardamome but it was relegated to the UFO pile) so I didn’t let myself buy any of their new patterns. I’d also be too scared to make the cut-out version of this. I definitely think it works in the crisp cotton. Interested to see the next one. As you know, I vote for the version on the right. 🙂

    1. Thanks Jen. I love the print, it’s really cute. The workmate who bought it for me was really pleased to see that I’d used it, which was nice.

      The cut out version just looks sooo daunting but in a fairly stable fabric it’s probably not too bad. One day!

      The right does seem to be winning. Hoping to get it cut out today. Unless stupid housework gets in the way.

  2. That shoulder seam is like magic! I left the buttons off of mine. It makes it nice and flowy. I like the one on the left for your second version. I think that it will have more of a slimming effect. Happy sewing!

  3. I think your top has come out lovely, really like the contrast in fabrics and like the spotty buttons with it. I’m close to buying this pattern and the melilot as just as well buy at least two.

    1. Thank you! I like to to get two patterns at a time from them too, just makes sense as shipping is fixed… That’s my story. The melilot is lovely too, that’s another one I have my eye on.

  4. I was thinking more Charlie Chaplin that Poirot!

    Love the top though, looks great on you and I’m looking forward to seeing it in the drapier fabric. Btw, I think I like the predominantly black one. Just need to get on with cutting mine out now!

    1. Yep, I can see the Chaplin too, it’s the bowler hats I think.

      Thank you, I’m really happy with how it turned out. I’ve made a start on the drapey one and so far it’s been a bit of a bugger. When will I learn that you always always always need to stay stitch viscose?

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