Me Made May 16

So it’s over. My very first Me Made May! Despite my very modest pledge of just 3 items a week I’m still proud of myself as I managed it. I really enjoyed seeing everyone’s photos on Instagram and finding new sewing people to follow. I’m going to miss it a bit.

I’ll show you my round-up of photos and then I’ll talk a bit about what I think I’ve learned.

Week 1

Me Made May 16 - Week 1
Coco dress // New Look 6217 // Sea Siren Skirt

Week 2

Me Made May - Week 2
Dixe DIY Ballet dress // New Look 6217 again // Sewaholic Gabriola skirt

Week 3

Me Made May Week 3
New Look 6217 // Dinosaur Ballet dress // Green Grainline Scout

Week 4

Me Made May 16 Week 4
New Look 6217 again // Deer and Doe Datura blouse // Dixie DIY Ballet dress

Last few days

Deer and Doe Datura blouse // Dixie DIY Ballet dress // Sea Sirens Skirt

This is cheating a bit as I wore all of these on the same day, because I was taking photos of them. I started off in the Datura, was only briefly in the Ballet dress and then ended up in the skirt. Although not for too long because my mum was making me climb around her shed so I pinched some of her shorts. Shorts I really like and plan to keep.

My Me Made May Thoughts

Well firstly I think you can very definitely see I have a colour palette. There’s nothing there that isn’t green, blue or monochrome. I don’t know whether that’s a problem or just something that’s me. I have got some slightly more colourful makes in the works but they’re not a huge step away. I like what I like.

I also learned that I need more tops. I ended up repeating both of my New Look 6217 tees so more of them or something similar would be good to have. I’ve got a couple of tops cut out and waiting to be sewn up already so I’m working on that and I’m planning a second Datura blouse.

I kept a list of all of the non me made things I wore during May as well to see what else I might need to make. The two things that jump out at me from my list are cardigans and trousers. I’ve been wearing the green skinny jean type things you can see in a couple of the photos above a lot lately. My Ginger jeans have sat in the corner since I had my fitting related strop and I will have to get back to them at some point. Once I’ve figured out the fit I’d love to make some colourful pairs.

All of my favourite cardigans are that lightweight knitted fabric that I think is called sweater knit but I’ve never seen it for sale. I do have knitting patterns for cardigans (and the yarn to knit a couple) but really that sort of cardigan isn’t the type of RTW one I choose. So I’m thinking I need to sew some cardigans. I was wondering about McCalls 6708 because it has different necklines and lengths (I like a v neck mainly). But I am open to suggestions if anyone knows of any great cardigan patterns.

So that’s tops, trousers, cardies and knit dresses (because I’d always like more) going on to the To Be Sewn list. How about you, what gaps did you identify? do you miss Me Made May or are you glad the selfies are over?

8 thoughts on “Me Made May 16”

  1. Great that you did it! 😀 And I agree, it really is an excellent exercise for discovering me-made wardrobe gaps. I too need more tops; I used to be a little fixated on sewing dresses and they weren’t necessarily the right kind of dresses for working in an office 5 days a week. Looking forward to seeing what becomes of your Gingers; I still need to brave taking the pattern out of the packet. Ooh that’s a good cardigan pattern! I could do with making some. I have McCalls 7331 which I want to make the ‘cardigan’ and the skirt from but perhaps not for you as there be no v-necks in there. Totally torn about MMMay16 being over: I’m glad the selfies are finished but I do miss it! It seems to have created a gap big enough for me to breathe life into my YouTube account this evening with the idea of creating sewing vlogs. Watch this space! 😉

    1. Ooh exciting! Dooo iiiit!

      I quite like the cardigan type thing from 7331, it’s really nice. I think it’s mainly that I never do them up that makes me like v-necks because they look better open so I could totally go for a drapey open type.

      None of my early makes made it into Me Made May because I wasn’t sewing for my actual lifestyle when I started. Easy to get swept up in sewing pretty party clothes because there are so many lovely patterns. Gingers will be easy for you, you’ve made a proper coat!

      1. Yeah, but the coat did not involve fitting around this arse! But today, I might just bite the bullet and buy some stretch denim from Fabric Land! It definitely won’t sit in my stash for ages, said no sewist ever.

        1. Good point. It is the fitting that stopped me actually finishing my pair. I’ve bought that new Sew Over It online trouser course in the hope it will improve my trouser fitting skills.

  2. Well done for achieving your goal!! I really love your outfits – you’ve done really well! I have the Datura but have never sewn it…yours is really cute. Did you find it challenging? I got freaked out by all the reviews saying it was hard…

      1. Oh thanks so much – that’s really helpful! I’ll have a look and try to brave it soon. It’s such a pretty pattern…and hey, it’d look cute with a pair of Carrie trousers 😉

        1. Ha, yes it would. Glad to have been of help. I’m planning a second Datura as soon as I can choose what colour to put where so it can’t have been too hard if I’m not traumatised.

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