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Sew Over It is another one of those pattern companies, like Deer and Doe where I really like their patterns but don’t have that many. I didn’t have any until recently when Doris was released and I fell head over heels and snapped her up. Then not long after they released their their new online course: The Ultimate Guide to Sewing and Fitting Trousers and I found the introductory discount too hard to resist and bought that too.

You get two trouser patterns with the course: the Carrie trousers and Ultimate trousers. And here is my first (and only so far) pair of Carrie trousers.

sew over it carrie trousers
I don’t know what I’m doing here but I liked it

These trousers are way out of my typical style comfort zone but this type of trouser seems to be popular at the moment and I liked it on other people so I wanted to try it. I liked the fact that they have a flat waistband at the front and elasticated at the back (and sides) as I’d just stolen a pair of shorts from my mum that had a flat front and elasticated back and I really like them.

sew over it carrie trousers montage

The fabric I used is some super cheap viscose I got from eBay. The listing called the fabric navy and grey but the flowers very definitely look cream to me. I didn’t pay enough attention to the layplan when I was cutting out and was about 3″ short of fabric. Always pay attention to the layplan kids! I had to order another metre to finish them.

carrie trousers back and side

I wasn’t really that keen on the trousers on me once I’d finished them. They’re super comfortable and I like wearing them but I felt weird in the baggy leg. I’d pretty much resigned them to lounge wear – I normally just slob about in my PJs so it was quite nice to be comfy but actually dressed – but I think they have shrunk slightly in the wash (even though I prewashed my fabric) and now I like them much better.

carrie trousers heels

I think they look good with these shoes. It’s such a shame that they are the most evil foot eating shoes known to man.

In terms of construction I followed along with the online course and mainly did what I was told except I french seamed everything because my overlocker was still in hospital. And I just like French seams.

sew over it carrie trousers heels

The details

Pattern: Sew Over It Carrie Trousers from the Sewing and Fitting Trousers online course.

The pattern isn’t available separately but I just found this Simplicity one (1887), which is very similar but with a wider leg.

Measurements: We’ll say 30.5″ waist and 40″ hips, which I suspect is a lie and you could add a bit on but I haven’t measured myself in a little while and have been eating a lot of sweets. Height is still 5’2″

Size made: 12

Alterations: Shortened by 2″ at the lengthen/shorten line.

Fabric used: Thanks to my cutting mishap 3m of navy and cream floral viscose from eBay.

Another version? 

Probably but I don’t know how soon. We’re rapidly running out of summer and I still have a vast to be sewn list so I probably shouldn’t be adding a summery trouser to it.

Any changes next time?

I did think I’d probably cut the size 10 leg next time for a slightly closer fit though but then this pair shrunk and confused me. I’d hate to do it and then have another shrinking pair, which end up not fitting. Though this pair was made out of really cheap viscose so I suppose it was to be expected.

Non-clueless versions: 

Final Thoughts

I’ve definitely warmed to my Carrie trousers and they’ve got me wanting to try more trousers that shape. I’d always quite fancied the Sew Over It Cigarette Pants class but it takes place in the evening over three weeks so that rules it out. If it was a weekend I could make a trip of it but I guess I’ll just have to wait and see if they release it as a pattern. Or if you know of a similar pattern I’d love any suggestions.

7 thoughts on “Sew Over It Carrie Trousers”

  1. Hi Leigh! Well done on your Carrie trousers – they look fab! And thank you so much for including a link to my pair 😀 (I am Megan, the Quirky Kiwi) I wasn’t sure how much I would wear my Carrie’s, but I’m wearing them so often I’ve bought some fabric to make another pair (which will require no pattern matching happily!)

    1. Thanks Megan. You’re totally welcome for the link, your pair are soo impressive. I know that I’d have ended up with 6 legged 2 trunked elephants if I’d tried pattern matching your fabric!

      1. Ha ha! You haven’t seen the side seams – I do actually have a 2 trunked elephant on the side of my right leg! 😀 (I rather like him!) I figured that if the pattern matched at the front and the pattern went around my legs at the same level, then that would be pretty good for my first attempt at pattern matching. I’m not even sure it would be possible to match the side seams, hmmm . . .

        I’ve just watched your video review of the Sew Over It Trousers course and I think your toile of the Ultimate Trousers look very good. I haven’t tried that yet but I have my (very bold) fabric all ready and waiting! I can’t wait to see your first Ultimate Trousers 😀

        1. Haha, I think the malformed elephants would probably be my favourites. And I think the stripes running level around the legs is probably the best pattern matching possible with a tapered leg.

          I’m getting there with the Ultimate Trousers, I just need to finish making my toile changes to the pattern and then make another toile. I look forward to seeing your bold pair. I wimped out of getting a bright fabric and my proper pair will be in black and whie polka dots.

    1. Thank you, they’ve really grown on me now. I’ve just done a video review ( of the whole course if you want more detail but basically I was a bit disappointed with the fitting aspects. The fitting help is mainly given in PDF downloads, except one video on fitting the darts, and I still had to do research elsewhere to solve my fitting problems.

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