Top 5 of 2016: hits

Hey dudes! How are you all? Hope you had a lovely Christmas or any other festivity you celebrate at this time of year. Our Christmas was lovely. It’s become our tradition that my mum and nan come to us for Christmas dinner and we go to Aled’s parents’ for Boxing Day. We’ve done some high quality lounging since then, including starting watching Trollhunters* on Netflix and eating some excellent leftover sandwiches.

*I get very emotionally invested in cartoons.

Anyway, it’s Top 5 time again. How does it get here so quickly? I’ve started a bit late this year and will run out of days in 2016. So let’s get started.

5. Seamwork magazine Oslo cardigan

This one has been chosen based on just how much I’ve worn it. I reach for it all the time because it’s cosy and I seem to believe that green goes with everything.

4. Newport maxi dress hack

I wasn’t sure whether to include this one because I made it so close to the end of the summer I haven’t actually worn worn it that much but I was still really happy with how it turned out and I know I’ll wear it a lot next spring and summer.

3. Floral viscose Grainline Scout tee

Grainline Scout tee

I have worn this a lot and I really need to get round to making some more. I really love my off the shoulder hack version I made this year too (pictured below) and once I’ve tweaked it a bit I hope to make more of them next year as well.

2. Wedding Cambie


While this isn’t something I’ll get a lot of wear out of I really really like it and I’m very proud of it. I think it fits great and I learnt new techniques while I was making it. It’s definitely one of my favourite things I’ve made so far.

And the winner is…

1. Helen’s Closet Winslow Culottes


I love love love my Helen’s Closet Winslow palazzo pants. I wore them loads over the summer (and got loads of compliments every time I did). It’s a fab, quick and versatile pattern. I made another pair of the palazzo pant length to wear to a wedding at the beginning of December and I’ve got a shorts version cut out and waiting to be sewn up.

So that’s my hits for the year. Here’s to lots more in 2016. I’ll be back tomorrow with the misses.

4 thoughts on “Top 5 of 2016: hits”

  1. Fab top five, those palazzo pants are fab and are on my to make list along with the classic Scout, your dresses are gorgeous and your cosy cardi is great. I recently ordered some fabric for a cosy cardi and felt horrible but I must make one soon.

    1. Thanks Lynsey. That’s a shame about the cosy fabric, such a minefield ordering online isn’t it? I made the Manfriend a jumper for Christmas and the fabric I bought was so snaggy it’ll be a pain for him to wear as he has really callused hands.

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