Top 5 of 2016: Goals for 2017

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you all had a lovely New Year’s Eve. Me and Aled went to my mum’s and we had a good old fashioned fondue (an oil one, where you deep fry meat and vegetables, not a cheese one) and some drinks and silly games.

We had Guess Who crackers for Christmas and my mum is now slightly obsessed with Guess Who so mainly that and charades – which I hate. But my nan was hilarious. She wanted to play but then couldn’t do any of her goes so she just kept having hysterical laughing fits and my mum did hers as well as her own.

But anyway I’m waffling. Let’s talk goals.

1. Stashbust!

I seriously seriously need to reduce the stash this year. It is getting seriously out of control and I don’t have the space for it all. It’s taken over my whole sewing room and it’s now spreading throughout the house. I had to put it back into the sewing room because we were having guests over Christmas and there isn’t room for both me and it in there so I simply have to use it this year. I am a spreadsheet nerd so I’ve got a spreadsheet of my fabric (though I’m sure there’s some I’ve missed) and I have 133.8 metres of fabric over 67 different fabrics. That’s appalling isn’t it? That’s enough fabric to not need to buy any for 2 years.

2. Make a shirt

I’ve got a few shirt patterns now and I want to dig in and actually get some made. My most recent purchase is the Sewaholic Granville shirt because I love all of Hila from Saturday Night Stitch‘s versions and it has a proper tower sleeve placket thingy, which I want to have a go at.

So I’ve now got a little stash of shirt patterns* and I don’t know whether to work through them in order of complexity or just dive straight in to a hard one. I’ll probably start with the Alex shirtdress as I’ve got some lovely plum viscose earmarked for it and I put it on my #2017makenine on instagram.

*My collection:

3. Become a wrinkle whisperer

I want to be able to read fabric and diagnose fit problems. I got Fitting and Pattern Alteration for Christmas from my mum (by request, she’s not that good at guessing) and just from flicking through I think it is going to be oh so helpful. It goes through 88 body quirks, how to diagnose them and how to alter a pattern for them. My problems seem to boil down to my “slumped” posture.

4. Jeans!

This is next up on the list. I think with jeans and trousers in general you seen to benefit from making a load of them in a row, ironing out a different little fitting quirk each time. So that’s what I’m hoping to do in January. Or Jeanuary if you will? Who’s up for joining me? We can make it a hashtag.

5. Sew something with silk

I want to start challenging myself with trickier fabrics. I’ve been sewing slippery fabrics like viscose and poly crepe de chine for ages so I don’t know why I’m so scared of silk. Probably the price tag. Fiona from Diary of Chain Stitcher and Lauren of Lladybird sew with silk a lot and their makes always look amazing. Even if it’s just something as simple as scout tee, silk elevates it. So at some point this year I want to buy some silk. I’m thinking sandwashed silk but I don’t really know anything about silk so I’m open to suggestions. As well as recommendations of where to buy it.

So that’s my five but I did just think of a teeny supplementary one of learning how to maintain my sewing machine after seeing someone on instagram mention giving theirs a DIY service.

Here’s to a productive and fun year of sewing! 

12 thoughts on “Top 5 of 2016: Goals for 2017”

  1. Happy New Year. I’m with you on all of your goals….although I have already failed at fitting jeans last year so I am inspired to try again! I made a few Granvilles last year and I am still tweaking the fit a bit…I have also made a muslin of the Grainline Archer which is more relaxed and probably more similar to the Alex than the Granville, looking forward to seeing how you find it. I’ve learnt that there are varying construction techniques for the collar and collar stand and it’s all about finding which works best for you. This article was great for getting a good collar point:
    I definitely find folding rather than trimming works best for me, I love a sharp collar point!!!! Best of luck with your 2017 sewing xxx

  2. I have very similar goals this year – the main one being reducing the stash…mine starts with a 2 number – I’m ashamed to say more than that!!! Although 80% of my stash is summery fabrics seeing as I imagine I live somewhere other than rainy old England!

    1. I’m betting there are an awful lot of us with the stash reducing goal! You should start dressing and sewing for the weather you want and not the weather you have to get your summery fabrics turned into pretty clothes.

      1. I’ve taken the Facebook app off for January instead of doing dry January (I don’t drink much anyway)….it was scary for the first two days but I am so much more productive now I’m not bothering about what everyone else is up to and seeing new ideas of what I want to make next!!!!

  3. Great plans Leigh! Pfft I probably have way too much fabric as well but am sticking my head on the sand. I might get the Cora stash app actually. I’ve made a Granville and had a couple of issues with it (the collar was too big) but think I did something wrong so would like to try it again once I’ve figure it out. I shortened the sleeves but then ended up with really big openings at the the sleeve placket so if you shorten the sleeves, do shorten the placket as well I’d say. Ha Jeanuary; I like it! I need to make some more Gingers so may well join you. And yup, I need to get better at diagnosing fit issues and fixing them “properly”.

    1. I quite fancy the Cora app too but I have an android phone and I already track the stash in a spreadsheet and using Trello so a third thing might be overkill. Thanks the Granville tips, I’ll have to keep an eye out for collar iffiness and I probably will have to shorten the sleeves being the shrimp I am. Yay, another Jeanuary person! To be honest, with all the Christmas chub I’ve accumulated now probably isn’t a great time to try and make jeans (sulky meltdowns guaranteed) but none of the other months work as well for a silly name, ha. You’re really good at grading between sizes to get a good fit, I think the outcome is more important than doing things “properly”.

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