Lace Yoke Coco Dress

I think “take photos of blue coco” has been on my to do list every weekend since November and I finally got round to it. Ta dah!

Also, new hair!

I cut this out so long ago I can barely remember anything about it so this probably won’t be a very useful blog post I’m sorry. I fiddled with the pattern straight after making my first Coco dress. Eventually cut out the fabric in May and then didn’t get round to sewing it up until October. Nearly a year after the first one. So blinkin’ slow!

But it’s done now and it has been in heavy rotation ever since. I’ve gained quite a bit of weight recently so it’s a bit too snug now. But I’ve started eating mainly sadness foods and not stuffing my face with office treats so hopefully it’ll fit better again soon.

I shamelessly copied the lace yoke idea from Katie of What Katie Sews but I can’t find her blog post with her lace yoke Cocos anymore to link to. I’m really pleased with how it worked out. I just traced off the yoke part of the pattern, cut it out in lace and sewed it to the front piece around all the edges using a zigzag stitch. Actually I used the three step zigzag stitch because if fancied trying it.

Tilly pose

I made a swayback adjustment but I’ve got hell of a lot of bunching in the lower back area that I don’t think was as bad when I first made it so I think it’s the extra hip girth causing most of it. I’m not sure I can be bothered to make a bigger swayback adjustment anyway. I can’t see my back and I just don’t think I care. As long as I don’t look at these photos ever again and forget how bad the back looks.

I’ve started giving some quite serious thought to having a go at bra making as I have quite a fat back/large band size in bras but small boobs so I really struggle to find bras to fit. In this photo I’m wearing a 36AA and my fat is bulging over the band so I think I need a 38AAA, which doesn’t exist. Anyway, that’s not really relevant to this dress but these back and side view photos make me keener on the idea so I thought I’d share.

I bought a couple of knicker sewing patterns and a beautiful kit from Evie la luve so I’m going to have a go at making knickers to practice the whole elastic thang as I haven’t even really done much sewing directly onto elastic.

The lace overlay worked really well to elevate what could have been quite a boring dress and I’m really happy with it. I love the colour of the dress with my new hair colour too. I’ve got loads of this lace left if you have any suggestions of what to do with it. Lace yokes on everything!

Trying to be bloggery – looking more like I’d seen some dirt on the floor

The details

Pattern: Tilly and the Buttons Coco dress

Measurements: At the time of making they were Bust: 37″ – Waist: 30.5″ – Hips: 39″ but now they’re Bust: 38.5 – Waist: 31.5 – Hips 41″

Size made: Size 4


  • Took 1/2″ out of neckline
  • 1/2″ swayback adjustment
  • Narrowed the sleeve
  • Forward shoulder adjustment

Fabric used: Blue ponte roma from Plush Addict. I can’t remember exactly how much sorry, more than a metre but less than 2. I cut out on a single layer.

Another version?


Any changes next time?

I think I need a little more length above the armpit. That seam digs in a tiny bit and I don’t think that’s just because of the enplumpening.

Unrelated to Coco but have you been taking part in #MIYMarch17 on Instagram? I’ve actually managed to keep up with it for the first time and I’m going to miss the prompts so if you know of any daily photo challenges for April I could get involved with I’d love to hear them.

Have a lovely day everyone.

8 thoughts on “Lace Yoke Coco Dress”

  1. Dress and hair look fab on you! Great idea adding the lace detail to add interest though the colour of the dress is lovely too. I want to start sewing lingerie and have want to download the Watson bra and EvielaLuveDIY frankie knickers pattern when I can afford and have time. Hopefully we both get to make some soon! As for MiYMarch well done for keeping up, I have dropped off from last week sadly! Must try harder next year! X

    1. Thanks lovely. It’s the Frankie knickers I went for. Hopefully I don’t mangle them too much. I usually drop off photo challenges within a few days so you did better than I usually do. x

  2. Super Coco, the colour is lovely and the lace yoke really makes is fab. Your hair is gorgeous! I recently made some Cloth Habit Harriet bras, it was my first experience in to any lingerie making, I made two toilets and the 3rd and 4th fit really well, the instructions are awesome too, highly recommend it. I tried knicker making and found it much harder, the elastic is thinner and always goes wavy. You could use some of the left over lace for lingere making.

    1. Thanks Lynsey. I just started following you on Instagram and saw your fabulous Harriet bras. They look great! Coincidentally I have some of that bird print crepe waiting to become a dress of some sort. I ordered the Make Bra DL04 pattern yesterday because it’s designed for foam, might have to get the Harriet too after seeing that you used foam for it (and I want the Orange Lingerie Boylston bra). Not even started and I’m building a mental pattern collection!

  3. Hi! This is a lovely dress! I love the color on you & the lace is a great touch! To answer your question about the instagram photo challenge, I know that @sewing_and_design_school is putting on #sewapril2017. There is a prompt & at least 1 prize sponsor for every day. Might be worth looking into!

    1. Thanks Ann. I love royal blue – especially with my new hair. Thanks for the #sewapril2017 tip. I think I’ll join in on the days I haven’t already shared something similar for #MIYMarch17.

  4. it! I like the way you write Leigh and enjoy the adventures in dressmaking! Your dress is lovely colour of blue.

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