Me Made May 18: The finish line

And just like that, it was over. I might manage to make it to work on time now… Spoiler: I won’t.

This post is just going to be another round-up of the things I wore for the second half of the month and then I’ll write up a Stat Attack post (with graphs, obvs).

Here come the outfit photos.

16th – Jeans and Ballet tee

It was a work from home day but I was expecting a parcel so I put clothes on. I didn’t take a photo though. The top was another Ballet dress tee but I managed to get a grease mark on it so I only really wear it around the house.

17th – Anemone skirt, Southport tank and Blackwood cardigan

I don’t think I’ve worn this skirt since last Me Made May. I like it but it fits a bit strangely. When I was thinner it would twist around and now I’m bigger it seems to lift up so I can’t seem to win. I may just not be a skirt person. Though, I wore a knit pencil skirt I really like today so maybe I am.

18th – Jeans, off the shoulder Scout tee and Blackwood cardigan

This top isn’t very comfortable. I think I cut the elastic too short so it pulls up and the sleeve sleeves dig into my armpits. I need to unpick and alter it but I’m rubbish for avoiding alterations.

19th – Winslow culottes, RTW tank and Wembley cardigan

A nice, breezy outfit for afternoon tea at the Manfriend’s parents’ house. I really love this top. It’s made an appearance every Me Made May I’ve taken part in.

20th – Nothing

I wore my favourite too casual for outside the house shorts for lounging in the garden.

21st – Bibi skirt, Ogden cami and Wembley cardigan

Two repeated garments but in a different combination. This is when I started trying to mix up my poses a bit. I was having a dance in this one..

22nd – Winslow culottes and scoop necked ballet tee

I really love this outfit. I really need to make myself a solid coloured pair of Winslow palazzo pants. Or shorter ones for warmer days. They’re the perfect thing to wear to avoid chub rub but still get to be cool.

23rd – Blue Southport dress and Wembley cardigan

This dress is a nice one to wear when it’s warm as it’s so light and floaty.

24th – RTW trousers, Ballet tee and Blackwood cardigan

The sun disappeared so I dressed drably to match the weather. I really like these RTW trousers. Well the whole outfit really even if it isn’t exactly exciting.

25th – Jeans, New Look 6217 and rtw cardigan

I really, really need to make a replacement for this cardigan. It has several holes in, paint on it and I still wear it.

26th-28th – Bimbling clothes

I had a super lazy long weekend so I was mainly in shorts or joggers. I tried to work my way through some of the crap on the Sky box (Aled was out) and did a bit of sewing – finished off a Union St tee and started work on an unseasonal flannel Archer shirt. Then I got sucked into his hangover sofa time the next day and we watched some dreadful stuff on Netlfix, it was fabulous.

29th – SOI Penny dress

I was trying to show just how fabulously swishy the Penny dress skirt is. Sew Over It shared my picture on their stories too, which was exciting.

30th – Loungewear

Work from home day so I spent it in yoga pants, a PJ vest top and that red cardigan I love but should bin.

31st – knit pencil skirt, New Look 6096 and Wembley cardi

And it’s the final day. My skirt is ponte and I drafted it myself, if you can call it that as there’s not proper drafting involved. I pretty much followed this method from Maria Denmark but I skipped the removing 4cm step and just didn’t add any seam allowance, which basically does the same thing.I also stitched in the ditch at the side seams to secure the elastic under instead of topstitching. My top is my New Look 6096 dress. I rarely wear it these days as it’s a bit too short so I’m going to cut it into a top as I really like how it looks here. A top version of it would probably be a good scrap buster too.

I was really getting into my stride with the photoshoots but I’m looking forward to not having to think so hard about what to wear tomorrow morning. If it’s clean and fits, it’ll do. Hope you all had an enjoyable Me Made May if you took part and learned things about your sewing and wardrobe.

2 thoughts on “Me Made May 18: The finish line”

  1. “It was a work from home day but I was expecting a parcel so I put clothes on” Hahahahahahahahaha!!!
    This post is v inspiring, you’ve got me re-thinking blue as a fresh and exciting colour. Love how you wear it with pops of white and pink to funk it up. And you could be a poster girl for Helen’s Closet in your Winslow Culottes and Blackwood cardis!
    If I had to choose, I think my favourite outfit on you is the May 31st because you look fab and hello, stripes and flowers? yay that!

    1. Haha, I really could. I love those two patterns so much.

      Glad to get you thinking about blue. I have to make a conscious effort to go for other colours, I’m so drawn to blues and bluey greens.

      I love that outfit too. I’m so pleased with how that skirt turned out and I’m glad to be able to get wear out of that dress again.

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