#JulyMadeIt Thoughts, Stats & Graphs

As promised, I’m back with my stat attack post – I’m a little disappointed I didn’t get it finished yesterday so I could make a poor staturday pun but I drank beer with my beloved instead. I regret nothing.

Anyway, stats!

How did it go?

I didn’t make a pledge as such because there was no one to pledge to but I went by my now usual Me Made May rules. Which is that I only have to worry about wearing handmade if I leave the house.

I wore handmade on 24 days out the 31 – so that’s my cold days and some lazy weekend days. I’m happy with that and even happier that 78% of my outfits were entirely handmade. That’s much better than last year’s Me Made May, where I only managed 49%. I suspect that was helped by it being too warm for jeans but I’ll still take it as a win.

What I wore

The graph below shows what I wore by garment type. Both handmade and RTW – dark purple is handmade and light purple is RTW. I have left cardigans off the graph because I don’t have reliable figures on them. I generally didn’t start the day in a cardigan but wore one quite often in the office (air con), which I didn’t record. So I thought it best to just leave them off.

Pattern companies

The graph above shows the garments I wore by pattern company. The columns show the total number of times I wore a garment made from one of that company’s patterns. Then the line chart shows the number of garments that was.

So for example, the bar chart for Megan Nielsen shows that I wore a Megan Nielsen pattern 3 times but the line chart shows that it was just one garment, that I repeated. Whereas I wore True Bias patterns 8 times and it was 7 different garments. I hope that makes sense. It might have been better as a stacked bar chart.

It clearly shows what a romp away winner True Bias was though! All down to my Southport dresses and Ogden camis.

This graph is a little unfair to Seamwork as I wore that one garment a lot more than once. I just didn’t log it very well.

Print vs Solids

I tracked whether every garment I wore was a print, solid or had a texture. By texture I mean things where they are technically a solid but they’re a bit more interesting. So if something was crepe or lace I would have put it in texture – the one bit of texture was my burnout Seamwork Wembley cardigan.

I noticed that the type of prints I wear can be split into just a few categories so I kept track of what type of print I wore too and here are the results:

I really love a floral clearly. I used geometric as a bit of a catch-all for anything shape based and/or abstract. So as well things you’d typically call geometric like my Newport dress my crosshatched Gabriola skirt and heart print Winslows went into geometric.

The “Animals” category was originally called novelty but both the garments in there were animals so it got a name change.


I tracked the general colour family that things fell into. That wasn’t always easy with my love of floral prints but I just went with the main colour. Black and green have crept up and blue has drifted down a bit. I think that’s a new entry for yellow too.

Most worn garments

  • Wembley cardigan – I don’t know exactly how many times
  • Flint trousers – 3 times
  • Green Helen’s Closet Winslow culottes – twice
  • Juniper cardigan – twice
  • Ballet tee – twice
  • Southport dress – twice

My favourite outfit(s)

I could easily have chosen four outfits but these are my top two favourites.

Helen’s Closet Winslow culottes (palazzo pants) with a RTW black off the shoulder top (well it’s actually a body)
Sewaholic Gabriola skirt and True Bias Ogden cami

Instagram’s favourite outfit

My Sew Over It Doris dress.


I could do with some more solid, neutral separates. There were some patterned skirts I would have liked to wear but didn’t really have anything to go with them so I didn’t.

A few more tops in general would probably be a good idea as that’s the category that saw the most RTW.

I’d like another lightweight neutral cardigan too – I said that last Me Made May as well and it just hasn’t happened yet.

And I could always have more maxi dresses and Winslow culottes.

Other than that I didn’t really notice any particular gaps. I think I’m going to do another Me Made Month challenge in the autumn/winter if anyone would like to join me? I definitely have fewer cool weather handmade clothes so I’d like to work out what I need there – and be inspired by other people’s outfits, so I hope I can encourage a few of you to join in!

3 thoughts on “#JulyMadeIt Thoughts, Stats & Graphs”

  1. theInelegantHorseRider

    I really enjoy these posts, I keep meaning to try something similar but…. I’d definitely be up for participating in a autumn/winter challenge, maybe I can get some graphs out of it 😂
    Love the green Winslow culottes and really fancy a Southport dress but summer has definitely left Scotland!

    1. Yay, glad you’re willing to join me! I wondered about doing in November and calling it something like #SewvemberStyle.

      I love reading nerdy, stats posts too so I definitely think you should do one.

      It’s not very summery here anymore either. I don’t know why we still expect August to be anything other than rubbish weather.

  2. Love these fun & informative graphs! (So much so I dragged out my laptop to get a better look lol.) Glad to see you back, and please don’t ask if I made my Southport yet…

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