Hello! Remember me? I’ve been absent for a while because my mental health has been in the toilet and I have withdrawn from the internet, and well, everything really. But I went to the doctor and I’m back on medication (I’ve suffered from anxiety and depression throughout my life) and I’m feeling much better at the moment. So here I am, blogging again.

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen that I carried out my own little Me Made May style challenge in July. Me Made May is one of my favourite online sewing community challenges so I was disappointed to miss out on it this year. If only because my nerdy little self needs those stats!

I’ve started working on my analysis and graphs for that post (I know how you all look forward to those…) but this one is just a round up of what I wore.

Day 1 – Sew Over It Doris dress

I started off strong with this pretty Sew Over It Doris dress that I think I’ve only actually worn twice. I started off thinking it was too dressy for work and then I outgrew it. It fits again now though so I should put it into more frequent rotation.

Day 2 – True Bias Southport dress and Wembley cardigan

This day was a scorcher so a floaty viscose dress was very much called for. This is one of my favourite dresses to wear in the summer. This is also your first glimpse at my new office (same job, we just moved) and the Towy looks almost pretty here.

Day 3 – Sewaholic Gabriola skirt and jersey New Look 6217

I love this Gabriola skirt, it’s so swishy and feels every so dramatic to walk about in but it’s a smidge too big now. I teamed it with this oversized New Look 6217 top I made out of jersey in the hope that the extra fabric around my waist would hold the skirt up enough to not have to wear heels. It worked and I got lots of compliments at work on both the skirt and top.

Day 4 – True Bias Southport dress

I had the afternoon off to spend time in the sunshine with the manfriend (he had the whole week off). This floaty Southport dress was perfect for a wander for some lunch and ice cream.

Day 5 – Chi-town chino shorts and RTW vest

I had this day off too so I chucked on these very crumpled and slightly too big chi town Chino shorts and a RTW top to just bimble around the house and lounge in the garden.

I really like these shorts and I should probably try to take them in a little bit so I can carry on wearing them.

Day 5 cont – Helen’s Closet Winslow culottes and RTW top

That evening we went out to a comedy night at the local theatre so I changed into something a bit more appropriate. It was a lot of fun and I’m going again this month with some friends I used to work with.

Day 6 – Frankenpattern’s monster top and RTW shorts

Can we take a moment to appreciate the awesomeness of this fabric? It is little duck/geese astronauts floating through space.

The pattern is the Dixie DIY ballet dress shoulders and sleeves, merging into the Hey June Lane raglan somewhere around the bust. Then the neckline is from the Southport dress.

I’m not too sure about the yellow neckband. It goes nicely with their beaks and feet but I feel like it needs more yellow to work so I may do sleeve bands too. Or remove it and just put a self fabric neckband on instead.

Day 8 – Helen’s Closet Winslow culottes and Ballet tee

These Winslows are too big at the moment (they’re a size bigger than the green ones) so I tried to make them fit again by putting some elastic in the back of the waistband. It worked a bit but I didn’t make the elastic quite short enough so it didn’t help enough. I bought some linen look viscose from Oh Sew Crafty to make a new pair but I haven’t gotten round to it yet.

The top is hacked from the Dixie DIY ballet dress. I haven’t blogged it but I did talk about in this really old video. It’s quite stretched out of shape now so it only really works tucked in. I need to trim it and re-hem it but I avoid alterations like the plague.

Day 9 – Megan Nielsen Flint trousers and New Look 6096 top

I really need to make another pair of Flint trousers, they’re ideal for the summer. The top used to be a New Look 6096 dress but it was a smidge too short so I really rare wore it as I felt too self conscious. So I chopped it into a top and now it gets a lot more wear.

Day 12 – True Bias Southport dress

Days 10 and 11 are missing because I suddenly came down with a stinking cold and felt dreadful so didn’t get dressed. This photo wasn’t taken on the 12th because I still looked and felt dreadful but I got dressed and went to work and this is what I wore.

Day 15 – Newport dress

I returned to my sickbed for the weekend and binged Stranger Things so I was very much feeling the 80s vibe of this dress when Monday rolled around.

This is me playing “snoutball” with Max, which he loves. He has to have the muzzle on to play because otherwise he will kill the ball and then be sad that he can’t play anymore. He is not very clever. Except when he is. A while ago my mum went for a run in the morning before work and as she was getting ready she told him he wasn’t coming. So he laid down in front of the back door so she couldn’t get out.

Day 16 – Megan Nielsen Flint trousers and Ogden cami

New day, same fabric. Can’t quite believe I got to day 16 before the Ogden cami made an appearance! I’ve got three Ogdens and more planned as it’s perfect for using up smallish bits of leftover fabric.

Day 17 – Sewaholic Davie dress

I made this Davie dress yonks ago but it sat unworn, waiting for a hem for a very long time. Then one day, I think I couldn’t find anything to wear so I just chucked it on unhemmed and it’s stayed in rotation ever since, still unhemmed but I’m fine with that.

Day 18 – Sew Over It Penny dress

This is my second Sew Over It Penny dress and the only thing I changed was adding a little length to the bodice centre front and to not take as much length off the skirt (though it is still shorter than drafted) but it looks looser than my first version (makes an appearance on day 23).

If I was ever going to do sewalongs on my much neglected YouTube channel this would very much be a contender as I think the instructions and the order of construction are both really poor. But aside from the challenging filming logistics I’m not sure I need another Penny dress. I would definitely like a top version though.

Day 19 – Jeans and True Bias Ogden cami

I decided to continue the same fabric, different day thing and wear another leftover fabric Ogden with RTW jeans/jeggings.

Day 22 – Self drafted pencil skirt, Ballet tee and Jennifer Lauren Handmade Juniper cardigan

This skirt is definitely a contender for favourite thing I’ve made this year. It’s made with scuba fabric that came from Lindy Bop and my self drafted pencil skirt pattern. The top is my Dixie DIY ballet tee again and the cardi is the Jennifer Lauren Handmade Juniper cardigan.

Day 23 – Sew Over It Penny dress

This is my first Penny dress, as mentioned above. It’s a little too short but I still really like it.

Day 24 – Self drafted pencil skirt and RTW top

I bought this top when I went to H&M for a cardigan to keep at work (air conditioning disagreements). Then I decided I didn’t think I’d wear it and was going to return it but I couldn’t find the receipt so just went with it. I wasn’t sure how well it went with this skirt but the manfriend said it looked nice so I wore it and then my colleagues were nice too, so I guess it goes. The skirt is another self drafted pencil skirt made with ponte.

Day 25 – Sewaholic Gabriola skirt and True Bias Ogden cami

I bought some flatform shoes specifically so I can carry on wearing this skirt even though it sits a bit lower on my hips now. I really love it with this Ogden cami.

Day 26 – True Bias Southport dress

I wore the same dress as on day 2 and I didn’t get round to taking a photo.

Day 27 – New Look 6096

It was a nice sunny evening so me and the Manfriend went for a walk on the coastal path with a blanket and a couple of cans of (hipster) beer and did a middle (ish) class version of cans in the park. This New Look 6096 dress is one of the oldest things I made that I still wear regularly.

Day 29 – Helen’s Closet Winslow culottes and RTW top

I found another thing to go with my new top so I’m okay with keeping it now. I really like this outfit. Winslow culottes are such good summer trousers. The look of a skirt without the chub rub.

Day 30 – Sew Over It Alex shirtdress

It was a cool enough day to wear sleeves so I deliberately chose this dress for more same fabric, different day nonsense.

Day 31 – Megan Nielsen Flint pants, RTW top and JHL Juniper cardigan

And for the final day I wore my trusty Flint trousers again with a really old RTW top and my Juniper cardigan again.

It was really nice to be back on Instagram and engaging with people again but I was glad to go back to just getting dressed without so much thought. My Instagram Husband was also glad the daily photoshoots were over.

I’ll hopefully be back soon with a graph attack post. I’ve already made two graphs and I tracked all sorts of things in this years spreadsheet, which I’ve found quite interesting.

Have a great weekend lovelies.

10 thoughts on “#JulyMadeIt”

  1. It is good you feel better now and it is nice you are back. You look fabulous in all your self-made clothes.

  2. Thank you for your very honest explanation of your absence. I too have dealt with depression for many years. Sewing and other fiber arts often help, along with meds, to deal. Love your makes, so vibrant.

  3. Great to see you again (I don’t do Instagram). You look amazing in your photos. I have suffered with depression all my life so can appreciate what you are dealing with, however if you realise how seeing your sewing abilities online helps people like myself who are isolated in their sewing world it may help to inspire you.

    1. Thanks so much Tracey. Sorry to hear you suffer with depression too, it’s horrible to have our brains against us. I am really glad that I help you feel a little less isolated. x

  4. I’d be interested to know just how many of us in the maker world have depression and/or anxiety. Having hobbies “with purpose” really helps. I, too, have been having issues – in my case, my long-time medication finally stopped being effective and it took me almost 2 months of feeling like garbage before I put 2 and 2 together. Fortunately, I went to see my doc and got on a revised medication plan so I’m slowly getting back in gear, as well.

    I think the worst is when you WANT to make something, you look forward to wearing it, but you just can’t muster the energy or give-a-sh*te factor to get into the sewing room and actually make it. I’ve had a Sew Liberated Aida top cut out and ready to sew for over a month and I am glad to know that soon I’ll have the mental and physical oomph to finally make it happen. =)

    And I LOVE your Me-Made-Whenever rundown! You have such fantastic style; I am always clicking from your posts to see the patterns you used because they are the exact kind of things that appeal to me (yay for maxi dresses and cardigans!). Thanks for being a wardrobe inspiration. 😉

    1. Sorry to hear you’ve been having problems too. Glad your new medication is doing the trick though – I went through three this time just to end up back on the same one I’ve been on twice before.

      That’s so kind of you to say as I always feel so like I have no real sense of style. Who needs anything other than maxi dresses and cardigans? ☺️

  5. You have such a beautiful handmade wardrobe! I think my favorite outfit is the striped skirt and yellow top. I also love the green Alex dress.

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