#JulyMadeIt Thoughts, Stats & Graphs

As promised, I’m back with my stat attack post – I’m a little disappointed I didn’t get it finished yesterday so I could make a poor staturday pun but I drank beer with my beloved instead. I regret nothing.

Anyway, stats!

How did it go?

I didn’t make a pledge as such because there was no one to pledge to but I went by my now usual Me Made May rules. Which is that I only have to worry about wearing handmade if I leave the house.

I wore handmade on 24 days out the 31 – so that’s my cold days and some lazy weekend days. I’m happy with that and even happier that 78% of my outfits were entirely handmade. That’s much better than last year’s Me Made May, where I only managed 49%. I suspect that was helped by it being too warm for jeans but I’ll still take it as a win.

What I wore

The graph below shows what I wore by garment type. Both handmade and RTW – dark purple is handmade and light purple is RTW. I have left cardigans off the graph because I don’t have reliable figures on them. I generally didn’t start the day in a cardigan but wore one quite often in the office (air con), which I didn’t record. So I thought it best to just leave them off.

Pattern companies

The graph above shows the garments I wore by pattern company. The columns show the total number of times I wore a garment made from one of that company’s patterns. Then the line chart shows the number of garments that was.

So for example, the bar chart for Megan Nielsen shows that I wore a Megan Nielsen pattern 3 times but the line chart shows that it was just one garment, that I repeated. Whereas I wore True Bias patterns 8 times and it was 7 different garments. I hope that makes sense. It might have been better as a stacked bar chart.

It clearly shows what a romp away winner True Bias was though! All down to my Southport dresses and Ogden camis.

This graph is a little unfair to Seamwork as I wore that one garment a lot more than once. I just didn’t log it very well.

Print vs Solids

I tracked whether every garment I wore was a print, solid or had a texture. By texture I mean things where they are technically a solid but they’re a bit more interesting. So if something was crepe or lace I would have put it in texture – the one bit of texture was my burnout Seamwork Wembley cardigan.

I noticed that the type of prints I wear can be split into just a few categories so I kept track of what type of print I wore too and here are the results:

I really love a floral clearly. I used geometric as a bit of a catch-all for anything shape based and/or abstract. So as well things you’d typically call geometric like my Newport dress my crosshatched Gabriola skirt and heart print Winslows went into geometric.

The “Animals” category was originally called novelty but both the garments in there were animals so it got a name change.


I tracked the general colour family that things fell into. That wasn’t always easy with my love of floral prints but I just went with the main colour. Black and green have crept up and blue has drifted down a bit. I think that’s a new entry for yellow too.

Most worn garments

  • Wembley cardigan – I don’t know exactly how many times
  • Flint trousers – 3 times
  • Green Helen’s Closet Winslow culottes – twice
  • Juniper cardigan – twice
  • Ballet tee – twice
  • Southport dress – twice

My favourite outfit(s)

I could easily have chosen four outfits but these are my top two favourites.

Helen’s Closet Winslow culottes (palazzo pants) with a RTW black off the shoulder top (well it’s actually a body)
Sewaholic Gabriola skirt and True Bias Ogden cami

Instagram’s favourite outfit

My Sew Over It Doris dress.


I could do with some more solid, neutral separates. There were some patterned skirts I would have liked to wear but didn’t really have anything to go with them so I didn’t.

A few more tops in general would probably be a good idea as that’s the category that saw the most RTW.

I’d like another lightweight neutral cardigan too – I said that last Me Made May as well and it just hasn’t happened yet.

And I could always have more maxi dresses and Winslow culottes.

Other than that I didn’t really notice any particular gaps. I think I’m going to do another Me Made Month challenge in the autumn/winter if anyone would like to join me? I definitely have fewer cool weather handmade clothes so I’d like to work out what I need there – and be inspired by other people’s outfits, so I hope I can encourage a few of you to join in!


Hello! Remember me? I’ve been absent for a while because my mental health has been in the toilet and I have withdrawn from the internet, and well, everything really. But I went to the doctor and I’m back on medication (I’ve suffered from anxiety and depression throughout my life) and I’m feeling much better at the moment. So here I am, blogging again.

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen that I carried out my own little Me Made May style challenge in July. Me Made May is one of my favourite online sewing community challenges so I was disappointed to miss out on it this year. If only because my nerdy little self needs those stats!

I’ve started working on my analysis and graphs for that post (I know how you all look forward to those…) but this one is just a round up of what I wore.

Day 1 – Sew Over It Doris dress

I started off strong with this pretty Sew Over It Doris dress that I think I’ve only actually worn twice. I started off thinking it was too dressy for work and then I outgrew it. It fits again now though so I should put it into more frequent rotation.

Day 2 – True Bias Southport dress and Wembley cardigan

This day was a scorcher so a floaty viscose dress was very much called for. This is one of my favourite dresses to wear in the summer. This is also your first glimpse at my new office (same job, we just moved) and the Towy looks almost pretty here.

Day 3 – Sewaholic Gabriola skirt and jersey New Look 6217

I love this Gabriola skirt, it’s so swishy and feels every so dramatic to walk about in but it’s a smidge too big now. I teamed it with this oversized New Look 6217 top I made out of jersey in the hope that the extra fabric around my waist would hold the skirt up enough to not have to wear heels. It worked and I got lots of compliments at work on both the skirt and top.

Day 4 – True Bias Southport dress

I had the afternoon off to spend time in the sunshine with the manfriend (he had the whole week off). This floaty Southport dress was perfect for a wander for some lunch and ice cream.

Day 5 – Chi-town chino shorts and RTW vest

I had this day off too so I chucked on these very crumpled and slightly too big chi town Chino shorts and a RTW top to just bimble around the house and lounge in the garden.

I really like these shorts and I should probably try to take them in a little bit so I can carry on wearing them.

Day 5 cont – Helen’s Closet Winslow culottes and RTW top

That evening we went out to a comedy night at the local theatre so I changed into something a bit more appropriate. It was a lot of fun and I’m going again this month with some friends I used to work with.

Day 6 – Frankenpattern’s monster top and RTW shorts

Can we take a moment to appreciate the awesomeness of this fabric? It is little duck/geese astronauts floating through space.

The pattern is the Dixie DIY ballet dress shoulders and sleeves, merging into the Hey June Lane raglan somewhere around the bust. Then the neckline is from the Southport dress.

I’m not too sure about the yellow neckband. It goes nicely with their beaks and feet but I feel like it needs more yellow to work so I may do sleeve bands too. Or remove it and just put a self fabric neckband on instead.

Day 8 – Helen’s Closet Winslow culottes and Ballet tee

These Winslows are too big at the moment (they’re a size bigger than the green ones) so I tried to make them fit again by putting some elastic in the back of the waistband. It worked a bit but I didn’t make the elastic quite short enough so it didn’t help enough. I bought some linen look viscose from Oh Sew Crafty to make a new pair but I haven’t gotten round to it yet.

The top is hacked from the Dixie DIY ballet dress. I haven’t blogged it but I did talk about in this really old video. It’s quite stretched out of shape now so it only really works tucked in. I need to trim it and re-hem it but I avoid alterations like the plague.

Day 9 – Megan Nielsen Flint trousers and New Look 6096 top

I really need to make another pair of Flint trousers, they’re ideal for the summer. The top used to be a New Look 6096 dress but it was a smidge too short so I really rare wore it as I felt too self conscious. So I chopped it into a top and now it gets a lot more wear.

Day 12 – True Bias Southport dress

Days 10 and 11 are missing because I suddenly came down with a stinking cold and felt dreadful so didn’t get dressed. This photo wasn’t taken on the 12th because I still looked and felt dreadful but I got dressed and went to work and this is what I wore.

Day 15 – Newport dress

I returned to my sickbed for the weekend and binged Stranger Things so I was very much feeling the 80s vibe of this dress when Monday rolled around.

This is me playing “snoutball” with Max, which he loves. He has to have the muzzle on to play because otherwise he will kill the ball and then be sad that he can’t play anymore. He is not very clever. Except when he is. A while ago my mum went for a run in the morning before work and as she was getting ready she told him he wasn’t coming. So he laid down in front of the back door so she couldn’t get out.

Day 16 – Megan Nielsen Flint trousers and Ogden cami

New day, same fabric. Can’t quite believe I got to day 16 before the Ogden cami made an appearance! I’ve got three Ogdens and more planned as it’s perfect for using up smallish bits of leftover fabric.

Day 17 – Sewaholic Davie dress

I made this Davie dress yonks ago but it sat unworn, waiting for a hem for a very long time. Then one day, I think I couldn’t find anything to wear so I just chucked it on unhemmed and it’s stayed in rotation ever since, still unhemmed but I’m fine with that.

Day 18 – Sew Over It Penny dress

This is my second Sew Over It Penny dress and the only thing I changed was adding a little length to the bodice centre front and to not take as much length off the skirt (though it is still shorter than drafted) but it looks looser than my first version (makes an appearance on day 23).

If I was ever going to do sewalongs on my much neglected YouTube channel this would very much be a contender as I think the instructions and the order of construction are both really poor. But aside from the challenging filming logistics I’m not sure I need another Penny dress. I would definitely like a top version though.

Day 19 – Jeans and True Bias Ogden cami

I decided to continue the same fabric, different day thing and wear another leftover fabric Ogden with RTW jeans/jeggings.

Day 22 – Self drafted pencil skirt, Ballet tee and Jennifer Lauren Handmade Juniper cardigan

This skirt is definitely a contender for favourite thing I’ve made this year. It’s made with scuba fabric that came from Lindy Bop and my self drafted pencil skirt pattern. The top is my Dixie DIY ballet tee again and the cardi is the Jennifer Lauren Handmade Juniper cardigan.

Day 23 – Sew Over It Penny dress

This is my first Penny dress, as mentioned above. It’s a little too short but I still really like it.

Day 24 – Self drafted pencil skirt and RTW top

I bought this top when I went to H&M for a cardigan to keep at work (air conditioning disagreements). Then I decided I didn’t think I’d wear it and was going to return it but I couldn’t find the receipt so just went with it. I wasn’t sure how well it went with this skirt but the manfriend said it looked nice so I wore it and then my colleagues were nice too, so I guess it goes. The skirt is another self drafted pencil skirt made with ponte.

Day 25 – Sewaholic Gabriola skirt and True Bias Ogden cami

I bought some flatform shoes specifically so I can carry on wearing this skirt even though it sits a bit lower on my hips now. I really love it with this Ogden cami.

Day 26 – True Bias Southport dress

I wore the same dress as on day 2 and I didn’t get round to taking a photo.

Day 27 – New Look 6096

It was a nice sunny evening so me and the Manfriend went for a walk on the coastal path with a blanket and a couple of cans of (hipster) beer and did a middle (ish) class version of cans in the park. This New Look 6096 dress is one of the oldest things I made that I still wear regularly.

Day 29 – Helen’s Closet Winslow culottes and RTW top

I found another thing to go with my new top so I’m okay with keeping it now. I really like this outfit. Winslow culottes are such good summer trousers. The look of a skirt without the chub rub.

Day 30 – Sew Over It Alex shirtdress

It was a cool enough day to wear sleeves so I deliberately chose this dress for more same fabric, different day nonsense.

Day 31 – Megan Nielsen Flint pants, RTW top and JHL Juniper cardigan

And for the final day I wore my trusty Flint trousers again with a really old RTW top and my Juniper cardigan again.

It was really nice to be back on Instagram and engaging with people again but I was glad to go back to just getting dressed without so much thought. My Instagram Husband was also glad the daily photoshoots were over.

I’ll hopefully be back soon with a graph attack post. I’ve already made two graphs and I tracked all sorts of things in this years spreadsheet, which I’ve found quite interesting.

Have a great weekend lovelies.

Me Made May 18: Thoughts, Stats and Graphs

Hey everyone. I hope you’re all having a nice week. I’m sitting in my sunny garden on my lunchbreak as I write this so everything feels pretty good at the moment. Nice weather makes such a difference doesn’t it?

Anyway, I’m here to get all navel gazey and introspective about Me Made May. Complete with graphs! God, I love a graph. Let’s just dive on in shall we?

How did I do?

I have mixed feelings about how I did this year. On the one hand I don’t really feel like I did that well. Because my pledge was only to wear me made when I left the house and I’m a strange hermit person I only participated on 19 days, which doesn’t feel like enough. But on the days where I did take part I wore a lot more Me Made than RTW. Excluding repeat wears I wore 21 different me made garments and 7 RTW garments.

I was just shy of my goal to wear completely me made for more than 50% of my outfits. I managed 9/19, which works out at 47.7%. So that’s not too bad really.

I do think that this year probably better reflects how I actually dress than last year. I didn’t repeat any outfits but I repeated more individual garments. If I hadn’t had a week off there probably would have been repeated outfits though. There were a couple of days where I wanted to put something on that I’d already worn but stopped myself. I must admit, I found thinking so much about what to wear quite draining and I was happy to just wear whatever I felt like on the 1st June.

What I wore

Graph time! Here’s what handmade clothes I wore by garment type. The blue is the number of times I wore that particular type of garment and the green column is the number of different garments.

I wore far fewer dresses this year and a lot more top. Knit tops was a gap I identified last year and I now have a couple of them, which got a fair bit of wear. I’ve also added two Ogden camis to my handmade wardrobe since last year and recently made some knit skirts (also identified as a gap last year) which seems to have given separates a boost over dresses. My handmade cardigan collection got a lot of wear too.

And the ready to wear graph:

The first thing that I see with this graph is how much less RTW I wore, which is good. I wear leggings quite a bit and I haven’t actually counted them in most of my stats but I put them on the graph. I don’t think I can be arsed to make leggings. Obviously, I have the Helen’s Closet Avery leggings as I’m a fangirl and if I ever stumble across suitable fabric I might make a pair but I don’t hate RTW leggings.

As with last year, the RTW trousers are jeans as I still haven’t made any. I just can’t seem to get anywhere with the fitting and I get so disheartened every time every time I try. I need to find some sort of real life jeans/trouser fitting course to go on I think, I just can’t seem to figure it out by myself.


I’ve had a little look at the colours I wore and I’ve made a pie chart of them.

That a lot of blue! No matter how hard I try to step away from the blue fabric and try other colours I just don’t seem to be able to do it. I just realised there should be a slither for red as well as I wore my red cardigan once.

Prints vs Solids

I counted up how many prints and solid coloured garments I wore and overall it was an exact 50-50 split with 14 of each (not including repeat wears). What I found more interesting was how differently solids and prints were split when between RTW and handmade.

As you can see, I wore faaar more handmade garments with prints than RTW garments with prints. That one print RTW garment is a striped t-shirt.

The split is more even with solids (43% RTW, 57% handmade). But if you look at RTW on it’s own 87% of the RTW garments I wore are solids. Which I think means that I have a wardrobe gap for handmade solid coloured garments.

Top 5 most worn garments

1. Wembley cardigan – 5 times
=2. Grey Blackwood cardigan,  – 3 times
=2. Aqua Blackwood cardigan – 3 times
=2. Winslow palazzo pants – 3 times
=5. Geometric print Ogden cami – twice
=5. Ballet tee – twice
=5. Scoop necked ballet tee – twice
=5. Pink blackwood cardigan – twice
=5. Bibi skirt – twice

I don’t think I’ve done that leaderboard correctly but I wore too many things 2 or 3 times, making it a right pain. I was shocked by the Wembley cardigan being the winner as I don’t really like it that much. It is really handy for spring/summer though as it’s nice and lightweight and goes with everything. I’ve got some white viscose jersey that is too thin for the t-shirt I intended it for so I might use that for a cropped Blackwood cardigan to have another option.

My favourite outfit

I’m torn between my Winslow culottes and scoop necked ballet tee and my knit pencil skirt with New Look 6096.

Instagram’s favourite outfit

Tilly and the buttons Bibi skirt with my ballet tee.
Tilly and the Buttons Bibi skirt

Most versatile garment

I don’t think I had a wardrobe MVP this year. Last year my Alex shirt dress was the clear winner (and what made me add this category) but nothing stands out this time.

Things I learned/random thoughts

I don’t find Me Made May easy. I saw a lot of people say that they wear me made everyday anyway and it was just the photos they would find hard. I’m lucky to have somewhere I can leave my tripod set up all month so the photos aren’t particularly hard. (Apart from some body image issues I was battling at the beginning of the month.) I don’t wear handmade every day though so Me Made May isn’t a case of business as usual for me. It’s effort and thought.

I don’t think I care about having a 100% handmade wardrobe. There are things I just don’t see the point in making and it was never my intention to make everything I wear. It’s not a practical goal for me as I’m not a prolific sewer and I’d rather concentrate on making things I can’t buy.

God, my wardrobe is dull. When you look at my MMMay outfits all at once, it’s just bland and dark. I wish it was brighter and more colourful. Alas, I just don’t think it ever really will be.

Why is there not more pretty viscose jersey available in the UK? You can get some awesome woven viscose fabric but you see very little exciting viscose jersey.

I really want some pink trousers. Not that I think I’d wear pink trousers but I saw loads of awesome ones on Instagram during Me Made May it made me think I want some. I even ordered pink linen swatches but I haven’t succumbed to ordering any. I may think about a pink linen skirt instead, it’s less of a fabric commitment.

Over the last few years I’ve very much gravitated towards the skinny jean/trouser with a loose top silhouette. I think it’s time for a change. My two favourite outfits this month are both a bit more fitted. The pencil skirt outfit more so but even though the top I’m wearing with the palazzo pants is floaty it looks more fitted in that outfit. Maybe I need to make some more fitted tops for tucking into things.

Gaps and conclusion

I don’t think I really identified any huge gaps. The only thing I’ve pushed to (near) the top of the sewing queue is another pair of Winslow culottes. Oh and I really need to replace my red waterfall cardigan. I’d like to make some more colourful things – that aren’t blue – but I also want to sew my stash so I’m limited there. I also want some white tops to wear with patterned and colourful bottoms. I’ve got a few metres of white viscose in the stash that I intend to turn into an Ogden cami, a tie waist SOI Penny dress hack and some other top I haven’t chosen yet.

I spent some time over the month thinking about the handmade clothes I have but don’t wear and why that might be. More importantly, what I could possibly do to fix it. I’m thinking of turning this BHL Anna maxi dress into a skirt, harvesting the skirt fabric from this BHL Flora for a top and I’m definitely cutting this New Look 6096 into a top.

All in all I think this was a successful Me Made May. I find it really interesting to look at what I wore and I’m thinking about doing it again in a cooler month.

Me Made May 18: The finish line

And just like that, it was over. I might manage to make it to work on time now… Spoiler: I won’t.

This post is just going to be another round-up of the things I wore for the second half of the month and then I’ll write up a Stat Attack post (with graphs, obvs).

Here come the outfit photos.

16th – Jeans and Ballet tee

It was a work from home day but I was expecting a parcel so I put clothes on. I didn’t take a photo though. The top was another Ballet dress tee but I managed to get a grease mark on it so I only really wear it around the house.

17th – Anemone skirt, Southport tank and Blackwood cardigan

I don’t think I’ve worn this skirt since last Me Made May. I like it but it fits a bit strangely. When I was thinner it would twist around and now I’m bigger it seems to lift up so I can’t seem to win. I may just not be a skirt person. Though, I wore a knit pencil skirt I really like today so maybe I am.

18th – Jeans, off the shoulder Scout tee and Blackwood cardigan

This top isn’t very comfortable. I think I cut the elastic too short so it pulls up and the sleeve sleeves dig into my armpits. I need to unpick and alter it but I’m rubbish for avoiding alterations.

19th – Winslow culottes, RTW tank and Wembley cardigan

A nice, breezy outfit for afternoon tea at the Manfriend’s parents’ house. I really love this top. It’s made an appearance every Me Made May I’ve taken part in.

20th – Nothing

I wore my favourite too casual for outside the house shorts for lounging in the garden.

21st – Bibi skirt, Ogden cami and Wembley cardigan

Two repeated garments but in a different combination. This is when I started trying to mix up my poses a bit. I was having a dance in this one..

22nd – Winslow culottes and scoop necked ballet tee

I really love this outfit. I really need to make myself a solid coloured pair of Winslow palazzo pants. Or shorter ones for warmer days. They’re the perfect thing to wear to avoid chub rub but still get to be cool.

23rd – Blue Southport dress and Wembley cardigan

This dress is a nice one to wear when it’s warm as it’s so light and floaty.

24th – RTW trousers, Ballet tee and Blackwood cardigan

The sun disappeared so I dressed drably to match the weather. I really like these RTW trousers. Well the whole outfit really even if it isn’t exactly exciting.

25th – Jeans, New Look 6217 and rtw cardigan

I really, really need to make a replacement for this cardigan. It has several holes in, paint on it and I still wear it.

26th-28th – Bimbling clothes

I had a super lazy long weekend so I was mainly in shorts or joggers. I tried to work my way through some of the crap on the Sky box (Aled was out) and did a bit of sewing – finished off a Union St tee and started work on an unseasonal flannel Archer shirt. Then I got sucked into his hangover sofa time the next day and we watched some dreadful stuff on Netlfix, it was fabulous.

29th – SOI Penny dress

I was trying to show just how fabulously swishy the Penny dress skirt is. Sew Over It shared my picture on their stories too, which was exciting.

30th – Loungewear

Work from home day so I spent it in yoga pants, a PJ vest top and that red cardigan I love but should bin.

31st – knit pencil skirt, New Look 6096 and Wembley cardi

And it’s the final day. My skirt is ponte and I drafted it myself, if you can call it that as there’s not proper drafting involved. I pretty much followed this method from Maria Denmark but I skipped the removing 4cm step and just didn’t add any seam allowance, which basically does the same thing.I also stitched in the ditch at the side seams to secure the elastic under instead of topstitching. My top is my New Look 6096 dress. I rarely wear it these days as it’s a bit too short so I’m going to cut it into a top as I really like how it looks here. A top version of it would probably be a good scrap buster too.

I was really getting into my stride with the photoshoots but I’m looking forward to not having to think so hard about what to wear tomorrow morning. If it’s clean and fits, it’ll do. Hope you all had an enjoyable Me Made May if you took part and learned things about your sewing and wardrobe.

Me Made May 18: The halfway point

Hey there folks. Hope you’re having a nice week. I have Me Made May halfway point recap and navel gazing post for you today. Apologies to those of you who follow me on Instagram and have seen all of these photos before.

So, this month I have worn:

1st – nothing me made

And we’re off to a strong start. This was a decorating day, so I was in paint covered clothes for most of it.

2nd – jeans, blue and white striped tee with blue Blackwood

This was only put on briefly to pop to my mum’s house to collect her step ladder to do the cutting in portion of painting.

3rd – jeans, black scoop neck ballet tee

Me and a very scruffy miniature schnauzer
I properly left the house! I went to Ikea for some new sewing room bits and pieces. I’ve manged to drag out this sewing room refurb for far too long. I’m still not finished but I’ve only got the woodwork left to paint. I’d hoped to do in the evenings after work this week but it will probably get left until the weekend.

Anyway, I wore RTW jeans and a freshly sewn t-shirt (I have a sewing station set up on the dining table). I made it using my t-shirt pattern hacked from the Dixie DIY Ballet dress pattern. (Very simply, by tracing the shoulders and armhole and then pivoting the bodice out slightly to give a bit more room at the bust but to still be fairly fitted and then flaring the side seams out below the bust and over the hips.) But while I was cutting the t’shirt out I overlaid the Southport dress bodice and copied the scoop neck from it onto the t-shirt.

I think I made the neckline a smidge too wide and I probably should have made the neckband a tiny bit shorter to keep things a bit more snug but I still really like the t-shirt. It’s still unhemmed in the photo because I was still sewing it while my mum was on her way to pick me up. Well, and my cover stitch is trapped in the spare room behind the contents of my sewing room.

4th-7th – Nothing Me Made

I was living my best #hermitlife so I spent a fair bit of time in my favourite oversized men’s* jogging bottoms (the best PJs). I also got my first period in over a year (I have PCOS), so I spent a couple of days on the sofa with a hot water bottle feeling sorry for myself. Particularly as one of those days was the hottest day of the year. I found myself reaching for a RTW oversized flannel shirt I have on those days for some reason. I have a flannel Archer already cut out because I already knew I love a flannel shirt.

While I was in my self-pity sofa nest I bingewatched the two seasons of Project Runway that are on Netflix and fell in love with it. Does anyone know if there’s anywhere I can watch the rest?

*Should that have an apostrophe and have I put it in the right place??

8th – Ballet tee dress and grey blackwood cardigan

My first working day of Me Made May. Yaay…. I went for a comfy outfit to ease myself back into work. I love this dress. It’s just a t-shirt dress but the metallic flowers on the fabric make it feel that little bit fancier.

9th – Ogden cami, jeans and navy cardigan

I work from home on Wednesdays so don’t usually get properly dressed but we went to the cinema in the evening so I had to. I love my two Ogden camis and have plans for several more. This one was from the leftover fabric from a Sew Over It Penny dress and I may cut one out of the leftovers from my first Penny dress too.

10th – Winslow culottes, cream lace top and pink Blackwood

Today was a Helen’s Closet lovefest with both Winslow culottes and a Blackwood cardigan. The top is RTW and it is past it’s best so I’d quite like to make something similar to replace it. I find lace really tricky to buy though as I’d like to feel it first and I don’t really go many real life fabric shops.

11th – Jeans, Ogden cami and Blackwood cardi

My other Ogden cami and my most worn Blackwood cardigan. I love these two together.

12th & 13th – Nowt

I did technically go out as I went for a run but I don’t count that because I have plenty of activewear that fits me fine so I don’t need to try to make any. Plus, I don’t have expensive tastes with exercise clothes so it would be waaaay more expensive for me to make it than it is to buy it. I did buy the Avery leggings pattern though but more with regular clothes leggings in mind.

14th – SOI Penny dress and cropped Blackwood cardigan

The weather at the beginning of the week was beautiful here so out came the summery clothes. I really love this cardi with this dress

15th – Bibi skirt and Ballet tee

And yesterday I wore my Bibi skirt from Tilly and the Button’s latest book and my first Ballet tee. The skirt is another thing that’s still unhemmed. Though it is fused in place with Heat n Bond Soft Stretch hemming tape that I bought after seeing people rave about it on Instagram. It seems to work really well and still has plenty of stretch. I’m looking forward to seeing if it makes the coverstitching easier.

This has hands down been my most popular outfit on Instagram. Which is funny because it’s the one I’ve felt least comfortable in.

How’s it going?

Slightly better than expected. Because I’ve gained weight loads of my me made clothes don’t really fit me anymore. I think I’m going to have to do more repeats this year than last but that’s okay. I’ll try to style things differently if I can but the point of Me Made May for me is to reflect my actual wardrobe so I don’t mind a few repeats.

Spotted any gaps?

I have a pair of knit shorts I’ve had since 2004 that are my favourite thing to bimble around the house and garden in when it’s warm. I cant think what you’d call them, they’re just a loose fitting jersey short with an elasticated waist and contrast binding. Any sort of loose or flowy knit shorts would probably fill the gap. I also used to have a pair of jersey culotte* style shorts that I love for warm weather but I outgrew them. (*To me, culottes means shorts that look like a skirt. Not wide legged cropped pants.)

The main other thing I’ve noticed is that I could do with more solid coloured makes. I’d like some white or cream tops to go with my patterned bottoms. I have a few metres of white viscose in the stash that I’d like to make a couple of tops from. I’ve also got a couple of black knit tops in progress that I was batch sewing with the scoop necked ballet tee.

Other than that it’s just trousers and jeans. Which I keep saying I’m going to make and never do. Fitting is hard.

Learned anything else?

It wasn’t part of my pledge but I wanted to try to think more about the me mades I don’t wear this month and see if there’s anything I can do to fix that. I have a couple of dresses that I don’t really wear because they’re a bit too short so I’m thinking of cutting them into tops and rehemming them. I have a pair of Winslow culottes (palazzo pants version) that are too small that I thought about using Helen’s elastic back hack on. The neckline of my pineapple Scout has also frayed and I think the fabric is too delicate for a binding really so I’m thinking of chopping the shoulders off and making it into an off the shoulder top. I still have leftover fabric so I thought I could sew on a shirred band as I’ve seen a few RTW tops like that recently.

I haven’t had any epiphanies yet but there’s still time.

Right, that’s enough waffle from me. I hope you’re all having a great Me Made May if you’re taking part.

Me Made May 18: The Pledge

Last year's Me Made outfits
Last year’s Me Made outfits

Well April has sneaked away and tomorrow is the start of Me Made May. How did that happen? Last year’s Me Made May feels like it was only just here!

If you’ve not heard of Me Made May, it is a challenge devised by Zoe from So, Zo… what do you know? to get people who make their own clothes to wear and love them more. There are as many ways to take part in Me Made May as there are people who take part. The sign-up post on Zoe’s blog has loads of different ideas.

The pledge I made last year of wearing at least one handmade item every time I left the house worked quite well for me. Like I said back then I have no desire to make loungewear so it’d be hard for me to manage an every day pledge. So this year’s challenge is to choose a pledge that is just that little bit harder.

This is what I’ve come up with:

I, Leigh aka @cluelessleigh of Clueless Seamstress, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’18. I will endeavour to wear at least 1 handmade item every day I leave the house for the duration of May 2018 with at least 50% of my outfits being completely handmade – bar shoes and underwear and that.

Aiming for at least half of my outfits being completely me made seems like a good challenge. My dresses and cardigans will be a help, but it’s my lack of trousers etc that could let me down. We’ll just have to see how it goes.

I’m off work this week but I’m planning to spend most of it inside, finishing off decorating my sewing room and generally pottering about. The only outside activity I have planned is a trip to Ikea. (Strange hermit person for lyfe) So my outfit posts might be sparse at the beginning of the month. I’ll be sharing photos on Instagram and a couple of round up posts on here. Then of course there will be a big nerdy graph post after May.

Anyway, that’s my pledge. Good luck fellow Me Made May-ers.


Happy Monday peeps. I hope you all had a nice weekend. Mine hasn’t been the best. On Thursday night I had a phone call from my mum because my nan had fallen over while they were walking the dogs and she needed me to go and get them so she could go in the ambulance with my nan. I got there before the first responder, let alone an ambulance and when Mum called back to check how long they’d be they couldn’t give any indication so in the end we took her to A&E ourselves. It turned out she’d broken her wrist and then the next day we found out she’d fractured her hip too and on Saturday she had to have a partial hip replacement.

It all went well and she seems to be back to her old self already bar the pain and lack of mobility but it’s been a very worrying few days. We don’t always realise just how lucky we are that my nan is so independent and capable. She’s 90 years old and only gave up her job as a cleaner a couple of months ago. She was complaining about being on a ward with old people and we had to reassure her that she’s on the orthopaedic ward, not the geriatric ward and she tells every doctor or nurse who comments on her age that her mum got her date of birth wrong. So back to her normal self.

But anyway, I realised that I never blogged about my Make Nine plans for this year and I’ve been wanting to blog about something as it’s been ages so I figure it’s better late than never.

I was in two minds about whether to choose any Make Nine plans at all this year as I found last year that I did a lot of over-planning and put a lot of pressure on myself. When I mentioned that on Instagram loads of people told me that they hadn’t made all of their 2017 Make Nine selection and they were still making 2018 plans because they enjoy the planning so I did pick some after all and I’ll try not to beat myself up if I don’t make any of them.

1. Alina sewing + design co chi town chinos

I’ve already got these cut out that I planned to make last year but didn’t get round to. I wore my shorts version on my recent holiday and I really like them so I’m keen to get cracking with these as I think they’ll be a great trouser for spring. If it ever gets warm enough to stop wearing boots that is.

I’m making them out of a beige gaberchino for my first version and if I like them I want a navy pair too as I love the navy sample.

2. A knit pencil skirt

This is sort of carried forward from last year but I’d picked McCalls 7331 last year. The plan has always been to use a black and white striped ponte from my stash, which I realised won’t really work with McCalls 7331 as it has a curved yoke. So I’ve “drafted” my own from my hip and waist measurements and cut it out last week. I’m planning to copy the construction of my favourite knit pencil skirt and overlock some elastic to the top edge, turn it to the inside and stitch in the ditch at the side seams to keep the elastic turned under.

I’ve also got a Bibi skirt from Tilly and the Button’s new book Stretch cut out, which I could probably count too as I haven’t specified a pattern. I’ve pretty much copied one of the samples from the book and used some teal ponte scraps I had left over from the Manfriend’s first Paxson and some of the black and white striped ponte.

3. Jennifer Lauren Handmade Gable top

I suspect I may actually find the high neck on this a bit irritating but I love the way this top looks on other people and I think Jen’s block is a good match for me so I want to try it. I’ve also fallen for her latest pattern, the Ostara top and will be buying that at some point.

4. Sew Over It Eve dress

I’ve wanted to make the Eve dress since last year but I kept putting off tracing it. I’ve done that part now and I’m hoping it’ll make the perfect wedding guest dress for a wedding I’m going to in the Summer.

5. Gown

This year I’d quite like to have a go at making a big nonsense gown just for the pure hell of it. I haven’t really got a clue what sort of style I want, let alone chosen a pattern. I think I want godets, it’ll probably be off the shoulder and I’m leaning towards green or red.

6. Grainline Archer shirt

I have a few oversized checked shirts from H&M that I really like so I wanted to have a go at making my own. I’ve cut out a wearable toile version using some checked flannel and I did not enjoy it at all. Some people thrive on that sort of perfectionist cutting, I do not. It just filled me with rage.

It’s done now though and ready to be sewn up when I get a chance. I’ve got some buffalo plaid to make my “proper” version out of.

7. Grainline Cascade coat

I’ve realised that I only really wear my coats that have hoods so I’ve dumped my long planned Deer and Doe Pavot for a Grainline Cascade. I’m going to use the same royal blue gabardine that I was going to use for the Pavot but I might have to shorten the cascade slightly to get the coat out of my 2.5 metres of fabric.

I don’t really like patch pockets so I don’t know what I want to do about the pockets. I sort of want welt pockets but I don’t have a pattern that has welt pockets to steal the pieces. Maybe I could add a horizontal in-seam pocket to the seam at the hip on the longer version but I don’t know if that would be right either. I like pockets for hands so I sort of feel like they should be at an angle. I don’t know, I’ll have to think about it.

Normally, I quite like assembling PDF patterns but I couldn’t face the million pages Cascade would be so I got the A0 files printed with Netprinter. I’m sooo not tracing either, I can’t think of anything worse than having to trace all those pieces.

8. Deer and Doe Melilot shirt

This is another one carried forward  from last year. I still want my white crepe Melilot. I cut out what I’d hoped would be a wearable toile using the pattern pieces I’d traced yonks ago. Then realised that I’ve gained weight since then and the size I traced – helpfully, not written on the traced pattern pieces – will not fit these days.

9. Jeans

Urgh, jeans sewing. Why is fitting trousers so hard? Other people seem to do it fine. Am I just being ridiculous and picky? I really don’t think I’m being too picky because I’m not obsessing over a couple of crotch wrinkles. It’s bizarre weirdness that I have never had in RTW trousers. I can go into a clothes shop and try on a pair of jeans and the crotch will just fit. Other areas might not fit how I want them but I’ve certainly never had the weird-ass poofiness and lines from my crotch to my thigh. This post about crotch curves from Cindy at Cation Designs was really interesting and makes sense as the Lander short have the straightest front crotch curve of any short/trouser pattern I’ve sewn and my crotch area is definitely the least weird in them. (This one is also really good.)

So those are this years Make Nine plans. A bunch of them are already underway and as soon as my overlocker comes back from sewing machine hospital (or I buy a new one if it’s kaput) I’m going to get on with them. I’ve got too many things started and half made, I need to finish a few.

Are you a one at a time maker? Or do you have a few projects on the go at once like me? Have you made Make Nine plans this year? Crumbs, some of you may have finished already!

Celebrating TnT patterns

This month is very much a month for celebrating our TnT patterns – that’s Tried ‘n’ True, if you’ve never heard it before. It’s the Sewcialist theme this month but the end of the month (25th November – 1st December) is also One Week, One Pattern – or OWOP if you will – hosted by the lovely Sheona from Sewisfaction. And as I don’t have any finished items to share due to lack of oomph to get photos I thought I’d break my blogging silence with a little post about my TnT patterns and plans.

My TnT Patterns

Dixie DIY Ballet dress

This is one of my favourite patterns and I’m a bit surprised that I’ve only made 3 dresses from it. I’ve also hacked a t-shirt from it and used bits of it a few different hacks – with more planned (and talked about later on in this post).

Ballet dress // One with a more flared skirt // One with a gathered skirt


Helen’s Closet Blackwood cardigan

This is my most made pattern and it only came out this year! I’ve made 5 of them – one long, two hip length and two cropped ones. I need to have a bumper photoshoot and actually write a post about them! It’s my ideal cardigan and I want one in every colour.

True Bias Southport dress

Southport // Southport-ish // Another Southport ish

I’ve used the Southport dress loads. I’ve only made the dress as is once, but I’ve also made two simplified versions, a tank top and used the skirt with other tops to make pattern lovechildren.

Southport tank // Newport dress // Simple Sew Lottie/Southport dress lovechild

Grainline Scout tee

Original Scout  // Latest Scout // Middle Scout // Scout hack

I wouldn’t say that I’ve got the fit down on the Scout yet but it’s one of my most made patterns so I thought it deserved a mention. I’ve made three standard versions and two hacked off-the-shoulder versions (only one of which I have a photo of). A Scoutport mashup with the Southport dress is probably on the cards at some point too. If only because I like the name.

New Look 6217

I love my New Look 6217s but I don’t think I’ve got the fit right yet. They’ve all seen better days so it’ll soon be time to revisit the pattern.


One Week One Pattern

I actually recently made a video sort of related to TnT patterns. When the Love to Sew podcast ladies asked for questions for their Q&A episode @shar_bozz asked them if they could only make three patterns for a year what would they choose and how would they change them to make them unique, seasonal, etc. I thought it was a really interesting question and I put my thinking cap on to choose three patterns.

So when I saw that OWOP was going to happen again this year I thought that I should probably put my money where my mouth, use one of the patterns I chose and do some of the hacks I talked about in my video. The patterns I chose were:

Dixie DIY Ballet dress

This was the most obvious choice for me. I just really like the way it fits me across the shoulders, which is no mean feat as that’s my tricky spot.

It’s such a simple dress it has the power to look entirely different with just a few tweaks. It’s basically a knit block/sloper. You can change the neckline, add a different skirt and even just changing the fabric will make it look different. A scuba will give you a totally different dress to a drapey viscose jersey.

The t-shirt I’ve made from it is one of the first things I reach for from the clean washing. and I’ve started work on some more garments using it. I’ve cut out a sort of swing dress and I’m hoping to make two of them if possible. I want to make a long sleeved t-shirt and a boat necked dress with a pleated skirt. Overambitious aims as always. I fancy trying to make a cardigan from it at some point too. And it was on my Make Nine plans to make the Seamwork Neenah dress as a top but I’ve been thinking that I might just pinch the collar piece and neckline shape and hack the ballet dress instead as I know I like how it fits.

Sew Over It Ultimate Shift dress

I hadn’t actually made this one when I picked it, I just chose it based on its versatility and hackability. I have made one now – out of flame print quilting cotton. There’s some fitting work to do before it becomes a TnT pattern for me but I’m fairly pleased with it. I had to add a dart from the armhole to the bust after it was sewn up but it’s quite well hidden in the busy print.

Even without any hacking you can make lots of different variations. I made a sleeveless dress but want to make some sleeved tops. I quite like the idea of adding some shirring to the waist of a viscose version too. Lisa Comfort’s pregnancy hack where she added a seam, pleat and tie is lovely too. I’ve thought about giving that a go myself, even though I’m not pregnant. You get the tutorial of how to make it included with the pattern now and I think that you can email them to ask for it if you already have the pattern.

I want to make a slightly more flared version, a bit like the Grainline Farrow dress, and I have thought about copying the pockets from the Farrow dress too. I did think that you could add a seam at the waist for an elastic channel and then slash and spread just the skirt part too. If you’re a flounce fan it’s a great pattern to jazz up with a flounce or a frill.

One of my friends has a really nice collarless coat that I think would be totally copiable using the shift dress as a base. It would just need to be sized up, seam allowance (the inspiration coat has an exposed zip) or overlap (for buttons) added to the centre front. The back also has a pleat that’s sewn down for a few inches so I’d cut it on the fold with a couple of inches added to the centre back. You could also use it to make a 60s style coat if you did buttons, added a peter pan collar and made it a bit more swingy – by rotating the dart out maybe.


I don’t actually have a jeans TnT pattern yet so I cheated with this one and didn’t specify what pattern. I really want to work on finding a TnT jeans pattern though. If I didn’t have lots of other things to get done this month I should work my way through the six jeans patterns I now own. I have:

The Simplicity ones are probably the most promising because they have different pieces for different body types but I keep putting off tracing the pattern as I hate doing it so much. I would far rather tape a PDF sewing pattern together so I might go for one of the other patterns first.

There’s not much pattern hackery that I could think of for skinny jeans but jeans are something I’d struggle to live without. And they can look completely different in different fabrics. I did think that you could alter the pockets and give them more of a chino styling in a stretch twill. Once you’ve got the fit right in the hip/bum area I’m sure you could fiddle with the leg shape too for different looks. Turning them into flares by slashing and spreading the pattern at the knee is a nice easy one.

So there you have it. Those are my TnT patterns and patterns that I’d like to become TnT patterns. I’ll be back later on in the month to show you my Blackwood cardi collection after I’ve taken photos and I’ll report back on how OWOP goes. You can follow along on Instagram too.

Are you planning to join in with #sewcialiststnt or #OWOP? Are you a TnT pattern kinda person or more of a pattern butterfly?

Me Made May 17: Thoughts

So there’s this year’s Me Made May in all its glory. The first thing that strikes me is that I haven’t really moved away from the old blue, green and monochrome colour scheme that I had last year. There is definitely a bit more colour – a decent amount of red and a little bit of pink. I did a wee colour palette thingy, a la Gillian from Crafting a Rainbow, picking out colours from my photos.

The bigger ones are the neutrals, the greige (grey-beige) on the left came from my floral Scout and I think it’ll work better for me than a more yellow beige. I’ve put two different shades of navy in because that came up a lot as well as various other shades of blue. And well… It’s a bit bland isn’t it?

I feel and look better in the more colourful outfits. So I did another palette thingy with more colours. The colours are still picked out from my photos (except the second green, which I just made up because I know I like it) but they’re more supporting colours – they mostly came from the flowers on my Doris dress and the light, not quite coral pink was from the butterflies on my Nancy dress.

I think my Doris dress and my Sewaholic Cambie dress both encapsulate the colour palette I think looks best on me quite well. They both have a navy base, which I think is softer and better on me than black, and then between the two of them they’ve got all the other colours I’ve put in this palette.

Sew Over It Doris dress sewaholic cambie dress

So my plan is to try and incorporate more of those accent colours into my wardrobe. I will always be drawn most to blues and I don’t think you’ll ever catch me in head to toe pink but I think I look alright in a cool pink or dusky rose so maybe I should experiment a bit more with them.

What I wore

Moving on from colours to the graphs I promised/threatened. I kept a spreadsheet of the types of garments I wore and here are the results.

types of garment me made

I tracked the number of days I wore a particular type of garment as well as the number of different garments. So as you can see I wore a lot of dresses and only repeated a couple of them (Alex shirt dress and New Look 6096). Whereas with trousers and cardigans I repeated them a lot. The trousers were my Winslow culottes and I would definitely like another pair for the summer. I’m also planning a lengthened pair of Tania culottes.

I tracked the RTW I wore as well to help identify gaps and you can see straight away that I need more tops, cardigans and trousers, well specifically jeans as that’s the one pair of trousers that I repeated five times. I finally got round to washing some of the denim that was in my stash yesterday so I hope to get cracking on a pair of jeans soon. The tops were all knit so that’s very much an area of need. I need to work on some production line style t-shirt sewing I think.

Top 5 most worn items

  • Grey Helen’s Closet Blackwood cardigan – 5 times (including putting it on in the evenings on holiday)
  • Turquoise Helen’s Closet Blackwood cardigan – 4 times
  • Helen’s Closet Winslow culottes – 4 times
  • Sew Over It Alex shirtdress – 3 times
  • Floral Grainline Scout tee – 2 times

Most liked outfit

My shorter New Look 6096 and grey Blackwood cardigan got 170 likes on Instagram.

New Look 6096 & Helen's closet Blackwood cardigan

Most versatile garment

My Alex shirt dress definitely wins this one. I wore it three times, styled differently each time.

So I definitely want to sew some more of these. I think another solid version would probably be nice, as well as the purple version I put in my #2017MakeNine plans. Maybe a soft chambray if I can find one.

Things I learned

  • I really liked looking nice on the days I made a more of an effort and just because I’m anti-zip and pro-comfort doesn’t mean I can’t wear pretty dresses. There are lots of nice zipless dresses out there – Deer and Doe Aubépine and Réglisse dresses and Sew Over It Eve dress are some I have my eye on though I’m a bit unsure of how much I’ll like a wrap dress on me.
  • I would like some more knit skirts. Particularly pencil skirts as the outfit above with my Alex shirt dress and polka dot pencil skirt was one of my favourite of the month. I’m also thinking about making a knit Sewaholic Gabriola skirt a la the lovely Hila’s Moneta-Gabriola love child maxi dress.
  • A skinny belt can make a big difference to an outfit.
  • I am total Helen’s Closet fan girl and proud.
  • I have a lot more Me Made clothes than I thought I did. Though I think I was definitely helped out by the weather in May being so changeable – and going on holiday didn’t hurt. I would be buggered if it had been autumn or winter.
  • Me Made May has added like bajillion patterns to my wishlist. I desperately want a chambray Grainline Archer shirt now and I really fancy the Alder shirtdress as well.
  • I still have no real desire to make loungewear or PJs but some clothes to be dressed while bumming about the house might be nice. Just some knit tops really I think.
  • I’m sooo behind on blogging my finished makes.

What lessons have you learned from Me Made May? I love reading other people’s epiphanies so do let me know if you’ve written about your Me Made May.

Me Made May 17: Days 15-31

So that’s it. It’s over. We’re done. This is just going to be another round-up of the things I wore for the rest of the month and then I’ll do a separate post with my thoughts and things I’ve learned – I may even put a graph or two in.

Anyway, let’s crack on as this is going to be a slightly longer post because I went on holiday at the end of the month so a few days have multiple outfits.

Day 15 – Little Red Dress Project dress (Simple Sew Lottie – True Bias Southport lovechild)Red Simple Sew Lottie - True Bias Southport hybrid

The beautiful sunshine had disappeared, replaced by horrid, heavy rain so I thought went for sleeves today. We also had a man coming to the office to give a bit of training so I thought I’d make an effort to look presentable. I should probably make some more smart but comfortable dresses like this.

Day 16 – Dinosaur Ballet dress

Dinosaur ballet dress

This remains one of my favourite ever dresses and I think it always will be. I have some more of this dinosaur fabric in a different colourway that the lovely Victoria of Pockets for Sweets pointed me in the direction of. (Check out her Moneta made from it.)

Day 17 – Tilly and the Buttons Coco dress

Tilly and the Buttons Coco dress

My first Coco dress – which fits me much better now I’ve gained a little weight…

Day 18 – Floral Grainline Scout and Navy Deer and Doe Anemone skirt

And my first repeat (not including cardigans). I was quite impressed with myself to make it to day 18 before I had to repeat things. I dug my Anemone out of the depths of the wardrobe to be able to style my Scout differently.

Day 19 – PJs

No me made today as I had the day off to prep for my holiday – wax my legs, pack, finish sewing things to wear. As always I had overambitious plans for things to make but I did manage to make 2 dresses, 2 tops and a cardigan/cover-up so that’s something. In total that is, not all in that one day!

Day 20 – Jeans and Alex shirt dress worn as a shirt

We flew to Cyprus from Gatwick so we travelled up today and stayed in a hotel near the airport. I was struggling to find anything to wear and then I remembered that I’d seen people on Instagram tying shirt dresses to make them double as a top. So I gave it a go with my Alex and I was really pleased with how it looked.

Day 21

Morning – RTW dress and turquoise Blackwood

We left our hotel at 3:30am so I wasn’t really feeling a photo and as the majority of my outfit was RTW it didn’t seem worth it. I wanted to be comfortable when travelling so I wore a RTW black and white striped tent/sway dress I have that I really like. I want to make one myself but I’ve been torn over whether to buy a pattern (and if so, which one*) or to hack a t-shirt pattern.

*Closet Case Ebony, Made It Groove dress and Tessuti Frankie are my front runners but there are so many different patterns it’s hard to choose.

Afternoon – Denim shorts and a purple vest

I suppose this is technically my first fail as I left the house/villa and no part of it was Me Made but as it was one of three outfits this day and the other two had me made components I’m not going to beat myself up about it.

Evening – True Bias Southport dress

First night dinner outfit was my Southport dress and first night dinner was sheftalia. I love sheftalia.

Day 22

Day – Alina Design & Sewing Co Chi-town chinos, RTW tank top and grey Blackwood cardigan

Chi-town chinos

I don’t have a good photo of this outfit as it was really windy when I tried to take some and they all looked awful. This is a photo I took while I was on a lounger reading despite the wind and occasional spots of rain. I am so very British. Aled thought I was out there hiding from my mum and nan but I just genuinely didn’t want to waste any outside time. I’ll happily sit in a beer garden in my coat if there’s even a little bit of brightness masquerading as warmth.

Evening – Helen’s Closet Winslow culottes palazzo pants and RTW white off the shoulder top

I seem to like to wear an off the shoulder top with my Winslows. I really like this H&M top, the shoulder is exactly where I want it and it doesn’t ride up. In other off the shoulder tops I’ve bought and made, the shoulder likes to pop up and I keep having to pull them back down. Dinner tonight was prawn saganaki, which was blummin’ lovely and I just realised I should have bought a small bottle of ouzo to try to make it at home.

Day 23

No photos today. We didn’t go out in the day and stayed in the villa for a barbecue for dinner too. I wore my Winslow culottes again and the black and grey striped tank top from the other day but I didn’t look presentable enough to bother taking a photo.

Day 24 – Southport ish maxi dress

Bright floral southport dress

It was another villa day so there’s no daytime photo. Dinner outfit was one of my True Bias Southport ish dresses. I’ve basically taken all of the interesting Southport bits off. I cut the front bodice and skirt on the fold, getting rid of the buttons and slit, I gave it an elasticated waist instead of a drawstring and I slashed and spread the skirt for a bit more floof. I love it and I suspect I’ll live in it this summer. Dinner was a meze so I was very grateful for the elasticated waist. (It was about 20 dishes)

I’m an army brat and we lived in Cyprus for two years when I was a child, which is one of the reasons I’ve been on holiday there so much – it’s a really lovely place, the people are so warm and friendly, it’s beautiful and the food is fabulous. One of the men that worked with my dad when we lived there also owned a restaurant (Andy’s Place) and we used to go there for a meze quite often. I’ve gone off on a bit of a tangent, all to say I facking love a Greek-Cypriot meze. The one we had was lovely but because it’s in quite a touristy place the service is quick so the last few dishes are a struggle as you’re already quite full, whereas if you’re somewhere a bit more traditional it’ll take hours.

Day 25 – RTW denim shorts and pineapple scout

Pineapple grainline scout tee

Me and the Manfriend popped into Coral Bay for lunch and some shopping so I just popped my new pineapple Grainline Scout and RTW denim shorts on over my bikini. I had a lovely tuna salad for lunch and jumped in the pool as soon as we got back to the villa.

We had another barbecue in the evening to use up our charcoal and the rest of the food we bought so I just put on my Winslows yet again and a purple tank top.

Day 26 – Sew Over It Doris dress

Sew Over It Doris dress

Obnoxious couple photo alert! I don’t wear this dress enough. I think I saw it as evening wear but I’ve decided I like it too much for it to be worn so infrequently and I should start wearing it to work. We went into Paphos this night and had Chinese food, which feels a very wrong when there’s so much lovely Greek food to eat but it’s a really nice Chinese restaurant.

Day 27 – Sewaholic Gabriola skirt and RTW top

Sewaholic Gabriola skirt

The last night, sob! This is another thing that fits a bit better now I’ve gained some weight. My Gabriola sits on my natural waist now, which makes it a better length to wear with flats. Tonight I had spicy calamari, which was very nice, and a huuuge slab of baklava for dessert.

Day 28 – True Bias Southport (ish) dress

Blue floral southport dress

Travel home day. And it’s my other Southport ish dress. I had leggings and a blackwood cardigan in my hand luggage for if I got cold on the plane or when we landed. This was a mammoth day of travelling. My mum stayed at my nan’s an extra night and came home on the Monday but me and Aled drove home on the Sunday night to get a lie in and recuperation day on the Monday. I was so tired and spaced out by the time we got home that I nearly passed out. Luckily I wasn’t the one driving!

Day 29 – PJs

The aforementioned recuperation day meant I didn’t get dressed at all. I barely moved from the sofa in fact. It was lovely.

Day 30 – New Look 6096 maxi dress

New Look 6096 maxi dress

First day back in work, booo! It’s warm but overcast here at the moment so I didn’t really know what to wear. I grabbed this as it was clean and felt summery but okay if it got chilly. It’s my only outfit repeat so I kind of wish I’d found something else. But just one outfit repeat is way better than I’d expected.

Day 31 – Alex shirt dress and RTW knit pencil skirt

sew over it alex shirt dress

My Alex shirt dress has got to be one of my most versatile garments. I really like it all three ways I’ve worn it this month. This is a little bit smarter than I normally dress for work but I love this outfit so I think I need to start dressing a bit smarter. The skirt is knit so it’s still comfy but looks a bit more pulled together. I think I need to try to make a pattern from it. And I definitely need more Alex shirts and shirt dresses.

And that’s it. I’m going to miss seeing everyone’s outfits every day, I’ve been massively inspired and have a huge wishlist of new patterns. It’ll be nice not having to do a little photoshoot tomorrow morning though.

How was everyone else’s Me Made May? Did you learn things? Are you glad it’s over?