New Look 6217 / Southport Dress Lovechild

Well that little blogging roll ground to a screeching halt didn’t it? Sorry about that. I have actually got five finished garments to show you, I’ve just been really rubbish at photographing them. I went to my mum’s for a bumper photography session last sunday but completely forgot three things. Perhaps I should get one of the pop […]

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I should Coco

I first mentioned that I was planning to make a Tilly and the Buttons Coco dress waaaay back in August last year but have only just got round to it for some reason. I say only just but I finished it at the end of October and took these photos at the beginning of November

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Best dress ever?

Let’s examine the evidence, shall we? Is wearing it like wearing pyjamas? Yes, it is stretchy and squishy and lovely. Does it have dinosaurs on? YES! So clearly, yes, it is the best dress ever. I could have led with “does it have dinosaurs on?” really because any dress with dinosaurs on kicks the butt of

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